Gay Corrie star Daniel Brocklebank takes down homophobic Twitter troll

Coronation Street actor Daniel Brocklebank, who plays gay vicar Billy Mayhew on the soap, has hit back at an internet troll who sent him a homophobic message in response to his tweet about National Coming Out Day.

Brocklebank tweeted on Thursday: “For my heart, soul & sanity, I can honestly say it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. #NationalComingOutDay.”

The actor’s tweet amassed over 1,500 likes and retweets, however one homophobic fan decided to take issue with his experience.

Daniel Brocklebank (Twitter)

A Twitter user – who has just one follower on the platform – replied to Brocklebank saying: “Congratulations. You disappointed your dad.”

But Brocklebank wasn’t going to let the troll win, and quoted his tweet, saying: “No. You’re wrong. My dad & I have a fantastic relationship. But with an attitude like that you’ve just embarrassed yourself.”

His clapback to the Twitter troll has amassed over 1,200 likes, and drew applause from Corrie fans.

One fan responded to say: “My boy is only 6 and I hope if he is gay I really hope he can just tell me and never think it would disappoint me.”

Another user responded to say that her son had come out just before he turned 13, and to say that she was “incredibly proud of him for having the courage to feel comfortable with who he is and not hide it.”

“We love him for him,” she added.

Another fan said the troll symbolised “everything that is wrong with this world” and said she would be “embarrassed” if she were his parent.

Another Twitter user said: “Your dad must be massively proud of how kind and compassionate you are to others.”

Daniel Brocklebank with his partner Stuart Hatton (Twitter)

Brocklebank is in a relationship with ballroom dancing teacher Stuart Hatton, a former Mr Gay World winner and model who he met at Stockholm Pride last year.

The Corrie actor has formerly opened up about the challenges of dealing with anti-gay abuse that he receives online as a result of his role on the soap.

Speaking to the Mirror last year, he said he has been out professionally since he was 18, and has been overlooked for roles because of his sexuality.

“People forget that you are a person, who still goes home to their family every night. I think they expect you to be thick-skinned,” he said.

“What they don’t see is when you shut the front door after a barrage of abuse and have to try to shake it off.”