LGBT groups condemn ‘devastating’ mass shooting in Pittsburgh Synagogue

LGBT+ and human rights groups have condemned the devastating mass-shooting that took place yesterday in Pittsburgh, USA, which resulted in the deaths of 11 Jewish people in a Synagogue.

Six more people were injured in the mass-shooting, which the Anti-Defamation League say is the deadliest attack on Jews in US history. Police are treating it as a hate crime.


The suspect has been named as Robert Bowers, who has been charged with murder and will face 29 criminal counts.

Sarah Kate Ellis, President and CEO of GLAAD, said the news of the shooting was “devastating and infuriating.”

“Nobody should ever be attacked in their place of worship. Our hearts go out to the victims and their loved ones and GLAAD stands with you against anti-Semitism and violence.”

Meanwhile, Janson Wu, executive director of GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders said they were “saddened and horrified” by the shooting.

“Our hearts and our thoughts go out to the families and friends of those who lost loved ones, those who were hurt by this violence, and to all those in our Jewish communities who are reeling from this news.

“We denounce hate in all its forms and condemn the anti-Semitism that motivated this incident.”

People gather for a interfaith candlelight vigil (Jeff Swensen/Getty)

He added that it is the country’s “collective responsibility” to mend the world by ending gun violence and erasing “hateful rhetoric” that leads to attacks like the one in Pittsburgh.

The Human Rights Campaign, which fights for LGBT+ rights, released a statement from President Chad Griffin, who said the attack was “horrific” and had been motivated by anti-Semitism.

“Our hearts are with the community of the Tree of Life Synagogue, the first responders who bravely rushed into danger to save lives, the people of Pittsburgh, and all those impacted by this tragic act of hate violence.

People gather for a interfaith candlelight vigil (Jeff Swensen/Getty)

“After Newtown, our nation called for action. After Tucson, Virginia Tech, Aurora, San Bernardino, Charleston, and Alexandria, we called for action. After the shooting at Pulse Nightclub more than two years ago, we called for action. After Parkland and Las Vegas, we called for action.

“Yet, in the face of these mounting tragedies, many of our lawmakers have refused to act on meaningful gun safety legislation. And it is no surprise how these tragedies so often intersect with vile hatred, this time against the Jewish community.”

Griffin also pointed out that this latest attack comes more than two years after 49 lives were lost after a mass shooting in gay club Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

That mass-shooting – which was one of the deadliest in US history – will be on the minds of many in the LGBT+ community today.