Comedian has hilarious suggestion for stopping mass shootings: ‘We just need to make guns gay!’

Gay comedian Jaboukie Young-White pitched quite the idea to curb escalating gun violence (YouTube/Comedy Central)

An American comedian made a hilarious suggestion for stopping mass shootings: “Make guns gay.”

The month of August ended how it began in the US: with an armed gunman and a significant death toll.

The incident ignited debates over how to curb escalating gun-related violence.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, comedian Jaboukie Young-White discussed the latest mass shooting in Odessa and Midland in Texas.

“Sweet, gay guns.”

Host Trevor Noah introduced the show’s “gun safety correspondent”, Young-White.

The openly gay comedian argued that the solution to gun control is a simple one: “We just need to make guns gay.”

“I just read this study that says a lot of straight men don’t recycle because they’re worried it makes them look gay,” he said.

“So, we just need to harness that same toxic masculinity and just direct it toward guns. Sweet, gay guns.”

In addition, to Young-White, guns are gayer than you might think.

And he provided quite a few reasons for the skeptic audience member.

Where do people keep guns? “In the closet.” Guns are “long and hard”.

“The right to bear arms? I like bare arms too,” Young-White joked, as a photo of him being hugged from behind was displayed.

“You’ll have to pry me from his cold dead hands.

“Even the names of gun laws sound gay. ‘Concealed Garry’ – that sounds like a username on Grindr.

“The law might as well have been called ‘AssBreaker37’.”

You can watch the full clip below:

Why were they discussing this?

Laughter aside, Noah slammed the Trump administration, saying it is “dragging its feet” on reacting to the countless episodes of violence in recent years.

The host pointed to the 93% of Americans who support universal background checks across the US, according to a recent poll.

It comes at a time when seven people were killed and more than 21 injured in a brazen daylight drive-by mass shooting across West Texas cities.

Furthermore, it was the 38th mass killing by firearms in the country this year, according to data.

The gunman bolted down the highway and public streets and proceeded to indiscriminately shoot at residents, shoppers and motorists.

Moreover, it happened less than a month after a similar incident, where 31 people in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, were gunned-down in back-to-back shootings.

As mass killings become a near weekly reality for Americans, the spate of violence has left a nation stunned, panicked and forced to question how to stop it from happening again.

The term mass killings is defined by the Justice Department as three or more killings in a single episode. However, it excludes the death of a gunman.

Gays Against Guns are a group against flawed gun control laws and its convergence with homophobia. A spokesperson told PinkNews the ways in which they advocate for tighter regulations.

“Gays Against Guns advocates for sensible gun violence prevention laws at the federal level, including (but not limited to) a comprehensive federal background check system that applies to online sales, gun shows, and private sales, as well as registered arms dealers and retailers; a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban that allocates money from the defense department for the military to buy back and keep those weapons (not resell them to foreign governments); and a mechanism to hold financial institutions accountable for tracking excessive purchases of weapons and ammunition.

“We also advocate for federal, state, and local Extreme Risk Protective Orders; a federally mandated end to the ‘boyfriend loophole’ for perpetrators of domestic violence; and a wholesale crackdown at every level on white supremacist, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, and Homo/Transphobic hate groups, particularly those actively amassing arsenals and running paramilitary training camps. We also advocate for the demilitarization of local and state law enforcement and the rooting out of avowed white supremacists therein.”