New York senator’s daughter Alison Schumer marries girlfriend

Alison Schumer poses with her father Senator Chuck Schumer and her fiancée Elizabeth Weiland at the NYC Pride Parade.

Alison Schumer, daughter of New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, got married to her fiancée Elizabeth Weiland on Sunday (November 18).

Alison, the youngest of Schumer’s two daughters, married Weiland at a ceremony in her native New York City borough of Brooklyn, the New York Post reported.

The ceremony was brief and attended by close family and friends of the couple, according to the NY Post.

Who is Alison Schumer?

Senator Schumer, a second-degree cousin of comedian Amy Schumer, announced his 29-year-old daughter’s engagement on a Twitter post shared on the day of the New York City Pride parade in June.

The New York native is a regular at the city’s annual Pride parade, but attending the event with his daughter and her fiancée made the occasion particularly joyful.

Senator Chuck Schumer announces his daughter Alison Schumer was getting married in a Twitter post.

Senator Chuck Schumer poses with his daughter Alison Schumer and her girlfriend bride-to-be Elizabeth Weiland at New York City Pride Parade on June 24, 2018 (Chuck Schumer/Twitter)

“Marching in the #NYCPride Parade has special meaning this year as I am marching with my daughter Alison and her wonderful fiancée Biz! #HappyPride” Schumer wrote in his tweet.

Alison actually proposed to Weiland in January this year, as the couple told The New York Times, during a picnic at Georgica Beach in East Hampton in 1-degree weather.

President Donald Trump spread inaccuracies about Alison Schumer’s employment at Facebook

News of the same-sex wedding ceremony apparently reached the White House, as President Donald Trump mentioned Alison while speaking to reporters on Tuesday (November 20) before heading to his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida.

“Well, I know that Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook, which I just found out today. And if you look at what Facebook has been doing, you know, they have some real explaining to do—how they’re so Democrat-oriented. All of them,” Trump told reporters in an answer to a question about the fall in stock market shares, which has particularly affected technology companies.

“But I hear Schumer’s daughter works for Facebook. And I was very surprised and disappointed to learn that because nobody knew that until now,” Trump added.

Chuck Schumer and his daughter Alison Schumer, give a thumbs-up after voting near their home in Brooklyn, New York, November 3, 1998.

Chuck Schumer and his daughter Alison Schumer, pictured after voting in the 1998 election that would win the Democratic candidate his current seat in the Senate. (Henny Ray Abrams/AFP/Getty)

Alison’s work for Facebook—she has also worked at Instagram and AirBnb, according to her Facebook profile’s publicly available information—has been reported before.

When news of the engagement was reported in June, publications like the Post described Weiland as being enrolled in an MBA at Columbia University and Alison as a Facebook executive.

A New York Times investigation into the way Facebook handled suspicious Russian-linked activity on its social networking site, which was published last week, mentioned Senator Schumer as being an ally of the company in Congress.

The article also highlighted Alison’s employment at the tech giant, which she first joined soon after graduating college.

The Post‘s report on Alison’s wedding on Sunday contained further information, describing her current role as “a six-figure product marketing manager” within the company.