Andi Mack makes history with first Disney character to say ‘I’m gay’

Cyrus Goodman, a character on Disney Channel show Andi Mack, after coming out to friend Jonah Beck

Andi Mack‘s Cyrus Goodman has become the first Disney character to say: “I’m gay.”

During Friday’s (February 8) episode of the Disney Channel show about teenagers, Cyrus finally worked up the courage to tell his friend Jonah Beck that he’s gay.

The 13-year-old revealed his sexuality at a Jewish mourning ceremony for his grandmother, introducing Jonah to his family’s different foods before adding: “That’s gefilte fish—skip that—and I’m gay.”

Watch Cyrus Goodman tell Jonah Beck: “I’m gay”

After a heart-wrenching few seconds, Jonah responds: Yeah? Okay, cool,” while smiling.

A clearly relieved Cyrus replies: “Okay. Cool.”

Andi Mack gay character Cyrus Goodman melts fans’ hearts

Cyrus had previously come out to his friends Andi and Buffy in season two, but held off on revealing he was gay to Jonah—who he used to have a crush on—until Friday’s season three episode “One in a Minyan.”

The landmark moment was confirmed as a first for Disney by a spokesperson for the company, according to Out Magazine.

Joshua Rush, the 16-year-old actor who plays Cyrus, wrote on Twitter after the episode aired, saying: “Every day is a blessing working on this show.

“This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman.”

“I’m actually in tears right now. [The] Disney Channel literally had Cyrus say ‘I’m gay.’ Like it’s so explicit and there’s no way for it to be misinterpreted”

— @astralklance about Cyrus Goodman

And fans were just as happy about the scene—if not more so.

Many were brought to tears by the sight of a 13-year-old coming out as gay on the Disney Channel and being embraced by their friends.


Another said: “I’m actually in tears rn Disney channel literally had Cyrus say ‘I’m gay.’

“Like it’s so explicit and there’s no way for it to be misinterpreted and they handled the scene so well and played it out as something you can tell someone when you’re ready and wtf I’m so happy.”

Andi Mack character Cyrus Goodman is joined by friends in an episode on February 8 2019

Cyrus Goodman is embraced by friends, having come out to all of them (Disney)

A different Andi Mack viewer asked: “How many kids just heard Cyrus Goodman says the words ‘I’m gay’ and felt safer and more accepted?”

In a similar vein, one commenter wrote: “having Cyrus come out with the words “I’m gay” is so important because it shows younger kids who may think that there’s something wrong with liking the same gender that there’s nothing wrong with liking the same gender or saying the word gay.”

Others loved the way Cyrus has gone from crying while coming out to Buffy in 2017 with the words: “I feel weird. Different” to explicitly stating his sexuality to Jonah.

“It’s so comforting to see cyrus’ development from a hurting kid who was terrified of who he was to a confident boy who is now owning his identity❤️,” wrote one such viewer.

Another commented: “His journey has been so important and validating, and it’s not over yet. Please watch and support Andi Mack.”