Georgie Stone becomes first trans character on Neighbours

Georgie Stone Neighbours

Georgie Stone, a trans actress and advocate for gender diverse youth, is set to become the first trans character to appear on Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Stone, 18, will star in a guest role, having pitched the idea for having a trans character to producers.

The actress, who previously starred in the ABC Me series Advice to My 12-Year-Old-Self, spent eight months working with producers to “accurately integrate parts of her life story” into her character.

Details of Stone‘s character have yet to be released.

I am so excited to join Neighbours, says trans actress Georgie Stone

Stone will start filming for the role in June, with the episodes airing later this year.

Neighbours is all about telling stories we can connect to, stories that reflect our society today.”

—Georgie Stone, who is set to star in Neighbours as its first trans character

“I am so excited to be joining such an iconic show,” said Stone.

Neighbours is all about telling stories we can connect to, stories that reflect our society today.

Georgie Stone, who will star in Neighbours

Georgie Stone. (10 Peach)

“It has progressed so much since it first began, which is why I thought it was time to have a trans character on the show. I can’t wait for everyone to meet her!”

Executive producer Jason Herbison said: “Georgie approached us last year regarding a guest role and I could see she was passionate about acting.

“She also put forward a thought-provoking and important storyline idea.

“Seeing her talent during the audition process, I knew she would be able to tell the story truthfully and authentically, she is an exceptional young woman.”

Neighbours star Takaya Honda hits out at critics of him playing gay role

Earlier in March, Neighbours star Takaya Honda, who plays David Tanaka in the soap, hit back at people who ask him if he finds it “difficult” to play a gay character.

The actor said that he is still asked that question too often, and said that he has “no degree of difficulty” in playing the role.

Takaya Honda, who made history alongside co-star Matt Wilson last year when they depicted the first gay wedding on the soap, made the comments in an Instagram post.

The actor said: “We get asked, more often than I think we should, ‘what’s it like to play a gay character as a straight actor, do you find it difficult?’

“Firstly, who could find it hard to play gay opposite this incredible man?

“Secondly, #LoveisLove, our jobs, as actors is to communicate a story by adopting the lives of the characters we play. Who they are attracted to is only one part of who they are.”