Incredible impression of Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski goes viral

Actor and comedian Benito Skinner performs an impression of Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski.

A video of a comedian impersonating Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski has gone viral.

The spot-on impression by American actor and comedian Benito Skinner, which parodies the Fab Five member as he visits a Seattle market, has been viewed more than 370,000 times.

With his hair swept to the side and a signature Antoni neckerchief, Skinner nails the food expert’s voice as he excitedly tells the audience that he’s in “this gorgeous town of Seattle. I absolutely j’adore it.”

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@antoni takes Seattle!!! ???

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After performing some standard Antoni dance moves to the Queer Eye theme song, he stops by Starbucks, which he calls a “local favourite.”

“They’re spicy and perfect, just as you are.”

— Benito Skinner as Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski

He then confesses: “Sometimes when they ask my name, I say Tan. It’s so precocious!”

Skinner proceeds to ask a stall owner: “Are these flowers from the gardens of Kanazawa, Japan?” before zooming in on a pyramid of chilli paste jars.

“They’re spicy and perfect,” he tells viewers, “just as you are.”

Skinner then unleashes his punchline about Queer Eye‘s grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness, saying: “Sometimes I rub it on JVN’s nipples.”

Benito Skinner looks at the camera during a video making fun of Queer Eye host Antoni Porowski.

Viewers loved Skinner’s parody of Antoni. (bennydrama7/instagram)

The actor, who has around 400,000 Instagram followers, signs off by telling the audience in poorly spoken French: “Je m’appelle Antoni, and je t’aime Seattle!”

He then runs off in comic fashion, ice coffee in hand.

Benito Skinner praised for brilliant parody of Antoni Porowski

The brilliant Instagram video has attracted a shower of compliments for the performer.

Comments like “I’m dying” and “I can’t stop watching this” are indicative of the strength of feeling from viewers.

Another user wrote: “this might be the best thing I’ve ever seen!!! ”

Gay YouTuber and groundbreaking model Manny Gutierrez commented: “HAHAHHAHA oh my GOD.”

A different person said simply: “Impression could not get more perfect.”

People were astonished by how well Skinner had captured the Canadian star’s essence.

“‘You’re spicy and perfect just as you are’ the most spot on part!”

— @chantalshirley

One viewer wrote: “oh my god… the voice is spot on,” while another commented: “THIS IS THE MOST ACCURATE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN OMG.”

“‘You’re spicy and perfect just as you are’ the most spot on part!” said one reviewer.

For some, Skinner had affected their viewing experience of Queer Eye.

“Lol I can’t even watch queer eye without laughing at all the Antoni parts because I just hear you ,” said one fan.

Skinner even shot down one commenter who told him that when dressing as Antoni, “you forgot to draw on the dark circles.”

The comedian said: “I have so much bronzer on my eyes DON’T EVEN!!!”