Piers Morgan sparks fury by identifying as ‘trans-slender’ on GMB

Piers Morgan on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Piers Morgan has provoked outrage by saying he identifies as “trans-slender” on Good Morning Britain.

The ITV presenter told viewers on Friday (April 5): “I’d like to now announce that I’m identifying as skinny. In fact, I’m one of the world’s first trans-slenders.

“So I will be now trans-slender. So you can’t actually call me fat anymore, because I’m now identifying as skinny, and I expect to be afforded the respect that being a trans-slender affords me.”

Good Morning Britain‘s Twitter account posted the clip with the caption: “Defiant @piersmorgan says his colleagues can no longer ‘fat shame’ him because he now identifies as ‘skinny’ .”

Morgan has previously said on separate occasions that he identifies as an elephant, a giraffe and a black person.

PinkNews has contacted ITV for comment.

Piers Morgan and Good Morning Britain condemned for being ‘transphobic’

The host sparked a flood of furious comments, with many viewers calling the remarks “transphobic.”

One person tweeted: “What the f**k?! This is so transphobic you guys are disgusting,” while another said: “Piers is being transphobic here.”

A different commenter wrote: “Piers, I know what … You should identify as a transphobic nob, because that’s exactly what you are.”

Many were angry at ITV and Good Morning Britain for broadcasting Morgan’s comments.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan on the ITV show.

Piers Morgan has previously said he identifies as an elephant and a giraffe. (ITV)

One person said: “This is f**king disgusting, how many times do you need to be blatantly told GMB, that this narrative is killing people.

“Vulnerable people will see this and their low points and harm themselves. Others will see this behaviour and replicate it and harm others. Absolute Trash.”

Another tweeter wrote: “When will this stop? Drawing attention to trans issues is great but mocking and belittling and trying to compare serious issues in this way is not.

“Trans & nb people face enough discrimination without being mocked on national tv.”

— @machtman

“If you don’t see what is offensive or inappropriate with this, then you need to ask yourself why?”

In a similar vein, a different person said: “Nice to see you mocking a vulnerable minority, I hope it’s worth all the attention you are getting. I certainly will never be tuning in.”

One commenter placed the blame on ITV, tweeting: “Hey @ITV I didn’t realise you were in the business of trivialising and making fun of the struggles of some of the most vulnerable members of our society?

“But there you have it. Now we know.”

A different user wrote: “@GMB honestly do you not give a s**t about queer viewers? Are we not part of your demographic? Trans & nb people face enough discrimination without being mocked on national tv.”