Hozier has gone viral after calling his lesbian fans ‘amazing’

Musician Hozier performs onstage during the ONE Campaign and (RED)'s concert to mark World AIDS Day, celebrate the incredible progress that?s been made in the fights against extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS, and to honour the extraordinary leaders, dedicated activists, and passionate partners who have made that progress possible. At Carnegie Hall on December 1, 2015 in New York City.

A video of Hozier calling his lesbian fans “amazing” has gone viral.

During a Tumblr Q&A in September last year, the “Take Me to Church” singer was asked: “Are you aware of your lesbian cult following because we are OUT here.”

The star, whose real name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne, responded: “I am somewhat aware, I’m becoming more and more informed of my lesbian cult following, and you guys are amazing.

“Some of the people I’ve met at shows, after Chicago in particular—I got to meet some really really fantastic people. And I’m here too, and keep being awesome.”

The video of the 29-year-old Irish performer has picked up more than 20,000 notes on Tumblr since it was posted last year.

Fans say the singer is ‘possessed’ by a lesbian witch

It was reposted on Twitter last week with the caption: “When asked about his lesbian cult following, Hozier said ‘I’m here too’ like ancient lesbian spirit possessing him really took full control for a moment.”

That post has attracted around 4,000 retweets and likes—and it’s part of a trend.

Singer-songwriter Hozier performs during weekend one of ACL Music Festival at Zilker Park in Austin on October 5, 2018.

Hozier is possessed by a lesbian witch, according to many fans. (SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP/Getty)

Since at least July 2017, fans of the singer have theorised that he is at least occasionally possessed by the ancient spirit of a lesbian witch.

In what may be the first post on the subject, a Twitter user called flora wrote: “hozier is proof that reincarnation is real bc he was 100% a Victorian lesbian witch in his last life.”

In October 2017, a Tumblr post reading “i support the irish lesbian witch whose soul chose hozier as a vessel to write music about her and her undead gf” went viral with 30,000 notes, and a movement was born.

Countless posts have been written about the singer’s alleged possession since then, like one which reads: “i hope the old irish lesbian bog witch possessing hozier and using him as her consenting vessel is having a good day.”

“In this house we love and appreciate Hozier and the 18th-century lesbian witch that occasionally possesses him when he writes music.”

— @percahlia

Another fan of the theory said: “I love the collective inside joke that hozier is possessed by an ancient lesbian witch because it implies that no man could possibly write beautiful songs about loving women.”

A different tweeter pointed out: “When you really think about it, there’s no proof that every Hozier song wasn’t written by the ghost of an ancient lesbian swamp witch possessing the body of a cute honey-voiced Irish boy.”

One person admitted that there was no logic behind the theory, saying: “hozier just has that lesbian witch energy and i cant explain it better than that! thank the godless wretch in the sky above that we have hozier.”

Another commented: “In this house we love and appreciate Hozier and the 18th-century lesbian witch that occasionally possesses him when he writes music.”

And yet another fan wrote: “Someone: Do you listen to anything besides Hozier? Me: Excuse me, that’s my emotional support pile of limbs being possessed by a lesbian bog witch.”