Lesbians discuss how they have sex

Poppy and Kemah share funny lesbian sex stories (PinkNews)

How do lesbians have sex? It’s a question you might be asking yourself with one foot out the closet—and one we’ve all heard that creepy man at the bar ask.

Four women—from butch to femme, top to “super switchy”—are boldly daring to answer the question on, apparently, everyone’s minds.

Watch Veepa Le Stat, Chloe Green, Poppy Dadd and Kemah Bob share their hilarious and embarrassing lesbian sex stories, what they’ve learned about body positivity in the bedroom, and how lesbians actually have sex. Plus, they review sex toys from LELO.

Lesbian comedian Chloe came out around four years ago after toying with the labels “bisexual” and “queer,” then finding that lesbian was the right term for her.

“I’ve been masculine-presenting since I was a child,” says Veepa. The most common thing she gets asked when it comes to lesbian sex is: who is the man in the relationship? “It’s not me, sorry,” she laughs.

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Comedian Kemah is pansexual, while plus-size model Poppy identifies as a lesbian.

How do lesbians have sex?

“How to even begin,” Chloe laughs.

“Some queer women have strap-on sex, some queer women just use tongues and mouths and hands, some people use toys and appendages.

“There’s just so many different ways that we in the community have sex and that’s the fun of it.”

There isn’t a “man” and “hetero woman” role replicated in lesbian sex as “that’s kind of the point,” she explains. “We’re unpacking that.”

Is scissoring real or a myth?

Often a topic they’ve heard many invasive questions about, Poppy and Veepa say scissoring is a thing, but Chloe and Kemah disagree.

“I don’t know how you make it work—how do you get into the position where it’s smooth and rhythmic?” Chloe says.

“But this is physically not possible,” says Kemah. “Were you just throwing yourself across the room like banging vaginas?”

“Well, it wasn’t quite like that,” Poppy laughs.

Lesbian sex toys

Poppy, Kemah, Chloe and Veepa tried and tested some sex toys from LELO—watch their reviews in the video above.

Poppy reviewed a toy that she was disappointed to find had the same name as her ex, Soraya.

Kemah tried the INA Wave and had a lot to say about the LELO packaging, which states that personal pleasure is a ‘universal human right.’ “I nearly shed a f***ing tear,” she says.

Chloe tried the SMART Wand in medium—she doesn’t like to be “emasculated” by her toys.

Veepa tried LELO‘s SONA Cruise, aka a “hoover” for your clitoris. “Not even 20 seconds I lasted,” she admits.

Do lesbians use strap-ons?

Veepa says she’s been asked before if, as a “masculine-presenting” lesbian, she gets penetrated.

She says: “Yeah, why not? I wouldn’t say that I’d do it with everyone, usually people I’m in a long-term relationship with and I have to trust them.”

“The good thing I like about letting my girlfriend strap me is that she’s learned that it’s not an easy task,” Veepa says.

“You have to have the stamina.”

“Truly a challenge,” Chloe agrees.

Top and bottom roles

Veepa considers herself to be “more of a top” and has in the past even considered herself to maybe be a “touch me not.”

However, she also agrees with Poppy and Chloe that top and bottom roles usually aren’t fixed and depend on who your partner is, as well as the dynamic between you both.

“For me, I am just so switchy,” says Chloe.

“I don’t know how anyone could want to be with a pillow princess because I need that back.

“It’s cool if that’s your identity but I’d rather be a bit more flexible—if you know what I mean,” she says.

Kemah jokes that everyone pre-judges her as being a top, often because of the way she dresses, which she finds “upsetting.”

“I identify as a vers mess,” she laughs.

Watch the four women share their hilarious lesbian sex stories and review toys from LELO on PinkNews’ YouTube channel.