YouTuber Miles McKenna deadnamed on LGBT panel at VidCon

YouTuber Miles McKenna has said he was addressed with the wrong pronouns and deadnamed while speaking on a panel at VidCon.

The LGBT activist asked how “someone that doesn’t know how to address trans people” was invited to moderate an LGBT panel at the event.

Writing on Twitter, McKenna said: “Yesterday I was called she/her and deadnamed on a panel by the moderator who after I corrected that you don’t call trans ppl by their old name said ‘I didn’t know’.”

“Who allowed someone that doesn’t know how to address trans people moderate an LGBT panel? 

“No formal apologies have been sent to me except for @TrevorProject who immediately messaged me, came to talk to me in person and followed up later in the day with how in shock they were that it happened. I’m very confused.

“The panel I was on was titled ‘LGBT Activism and Awareness’ so here’s me doing my part in activism and awareness. Hire people that know LGBT to head an LGBT panel. I’ve worked in this space for years and this has never happened to me.”

Miles McKenna accepts the award for Best LGBTQ+ Account at the Shorty Awards in 2018 (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for Shorty Awards)

McKenna continued: “My issue is less with someone’s ignorance and more with how was that person allowed to head a panel that partly focuses on trans topics.

“Who allowed me to be on the same stage, as well as allow me to invite my young trans audience saying it’s a safe space?”

VidCon has now responded to the incident, writing on Twitter: “VidCon prides itself on being a safe and trusted space for all of our Featured Creators.

“We do our best to research and stay vigilant in what is appropriate in each of the communities that are represented in this diverse online video space.”

The organisers also addressed Miles personally, writing: “A mistake was made yesterday that left @TheMilesMcKenna hurt.”