Ohio lawmaker blames mass shootings on trans people, gay marriage and drag queens

Candice Keller

Republican Ohio State Representative Candice Keller has blamed mass shootings on “the breakdown of the traditional American family”, caused by “transgender, homosexual marriage and drag queen advocates.”

The comments came in the wake of two mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, in which a combined total of 29 people were murdered.

Keller, who is running for the Ohio Senate in Butler County in 2020, made the controversial statement on her personal Facebook page. She has since deleted the post.

She wrote: “After every mass shooting, the liberals start the blame game. Why not place the blame where it belongs?”

She goes on to list a litany of causes, the first being “the breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates).”

Candice Keller Facebook

Screenshots of Keller’s post were shared on social media before she deleted it (Candice Keller/Facebook)

Unfortunately Keller failed to acknowledge the fact that the typical demographic of mass shooters in the US is white, heterosexual males.

When a Dayton Daily News reporter confronted Keller on her now-deleted comments, she said it sounded like part of her posting but she couldn’t be sure if it had been altered.

“There needs to be a time for healing before we lash out at the Constitution and one another,” she said.

Butler County Democratic Party Chairman Brian Hester said that Keller “loves to fan the flames and play the role of victim here, not the nine people who were killed.”

She is fundamentally unfit for office

Keller has a reputation for making controversial comments. In 2017 she spoke on a white power advocate’s radio show, and in 2018 she branded survivors of the Parkland school shooting ‘Dorito-eating video gamers‘.

She has also compared health service Planned Parenthood to the Nazi regime.

She is currently under investigation for potentially violating ethics rules by sponsoring a bill that would directly benefit an anti-abortion health centre that she herself runs in Southwest Ohio.

Butler said: “She is fundamentally unfit for office. She is an embarrassment to her party, to conservatives, to Butler County and to the state Legislature.”

As a result of her latest comments, Keller is now facing calls to resign on Twitter.