Trans people on Twitter have turned a bigoted tweet into a hilarious meme

The trans masters of memes are back at it again. (Twitter/Getty)

If there’s one thing the trans community can do, it’s meme like no other.

From #HowHardDidPubertyHitYou glo-ups to trans-positive spins on the ‘Is This a Pigeon?’ meme, trans Twitter users know how to use the internet to become the master at clapbacks.

No wonder with what many trans folk are forced to contend with on an almost daily basis online, like one tweet by YouTuber Blaire White.

White, a trans woman and self-described “political and social commentator” with connections to far-right movements, described being trans as a mental disorder in 2017.

In her latest anti-trans tirade, White tweeted, to her, society would be OK with trans folk if they didn’t complain about oppression.

With the fact that deadly violence against trans people is rocketing, and many countries haunted by a spectre of anti-trans murder statistics, trans people certainly do have one or two reasons to be ticked off.

And, despite a scientific study showing that trans people are born that way, many dispute the existence of anyone who’s not cisgender.

So, Trans Twitter once again has turned to memes as an opportunity to not only get back at transphobes, but remind the word that they’re only human.

In the last few days since White’s tweet, trans folk have taken the format it turned it into a trans-positive and purely wholesome meme.

And there are a tonne.

Twitter users stripped the original of all its context and it became a way for trans people to not only think about the different ways people can become allies, but also throw in some oddly specific TV and music references.

Everything from viral advertisements in the UK to Jason Derulo, Overwatch to Austin Powers, there was no part of pop culture that was left un-memed.