Non-binary teen crowned homecoming queen after being rejected for homecoming king three times

non-binary homecoming queen

A non-binary teen has been crowned homecoming queen in a conservative California school district, after being rejected for the title of homecoming king three times.

Trevor Meyer is a senior at Clovis East High School in Clovis, California, and they ran for homecoming king in their freshman, sophomore and junior years but didn’t win.

According to NBC, they came out as non-binary two years ago and said they have no preference when it comes to pronouns.

This year they decided to try a different approach and run for homecoming queen, and was supported by their friends.

After making it to the final four of the 24 students nominated, Meyer was announced as queen and crowned on October 4.

They told NBC: “Leading up to the announcement, my heart was racing, and I was on a roller coaster of emotions. I just think it’s important for everyone to step up and be themselves.”

non-binary homecoming queen

Trevor Meyer said becoming homecoming queen was a “step in the right direction.” (Shelbey Weidemann)

Their sister also said: “The crowd was chanting his name so loudly, everything was buzzing.

“Of course I had nervous doubts if he didn’t win, but from the minute they announced him, you couldn’t even hear anything other than the crowd’s cheers.”

Meyer reportedly said after being crowned that it was a “step in the right direction”.

They have received lots of support from family and friends, but also lots of upsetting comments from members of the conservative community.

But Meyer said: “I love it. This is opening up the conversation which will leading to tolerance and some day acceptance.”

Coincidentally, Clovis East High School is same the school that Glee star Chris Colfer attended.

Colfer told “When I was in high school and I really wanted to sing ‘Defying Gravity’.

“The other students in my drama class and the teachers, when we were putting on this talent show, they wouldn’t let me sing it because I was a boy and it was a girl’s song.”

The incident was then made into an episode of Glee, based on Colfer’s experience.