Does Baga Chipz have it in the bag or is Divina going to snatch the crown?

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK marched back on our screens to spice up our lives and deliver some TLC with an ode to girl groups. But did it reign Supreme over last week’s knockout Snatch Game?

Drag Race UK season 1 episode 5: The verdict.

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was episode five packing?

Overall: C.U.n.

No, it was a little mixed. We started low, but a well executed challenge, healthy dose of shade and Divina de Campo spilling tea over the latest and greatest UK queer injustices meant this episode still packed a better punch than the entire last season of the US show.

In fact, the only thing Drag Race US has on Drag Race UK is the lip sync. We seem to be stumbling from meh to fine to this week’s: good. But we’ve got some way to go before wigs start getting snatched.

UK drag queens trying to phone a friend during their lip syncs (BBC).

Reading: C.

The girls got read for filth this week. But sadly, none of it happened during the mini challenge. It was overwhelmingly meh.

I mean come on. British drag shows are centred around ripping poor patrons a new one. Our queens have licence to be the most outrageous people on the planet. Where were those oh damn can she say that moments?

Frocking genius (BBC).

And Crystal rolling out the oh I couldn’t possibly / OK let’s do this cliché, calling two of them turds and sitting down did not a satisfying winner make.

The only one who actually inspired a laugh was Blu Hydrangea, learning about rent boys and badly bagging Baga.

But the best reads came from the inter-group rivalry between Filth Harmony and the poetically named Frock Destroyers. Gay heaven we have landed.

Vivienne’s a singer, Cheryl’s a dancer and Crystal can’t do either.

Making your own costumes? Wow that’s brave.

To be honest, I can’t picture you guys working together.

Challenge: C.U.N.t.

This was Cheryl Hole’s week. In the words of Baga: “Girl groups is your thing so if you don’t prove it you’re going to look like a right wanker.” Luckily, she knocked it out the stadium.

Which made it all the more wild she ended up as the only gal without a RuPeter badge. And I’m not mad at the judging, the other group were a frocking joy. But two wins last week, three this week, a double win last All Stars – will Drag Race UK just end up crowning a collective?

At least they wouldn’t have trouble splitting the prize money.

Runway: C.U.n.

Category is: Day at the races

Divina Di Comethrough strikes again (BBC).

Divina single-hoofedly saved this runway from being taken outside and shot.

Her centaur-esque mix of jockey and horse was a glorious display of camp and fashion.

Crystal’s quintessential Quinn couture and Blu’s My Little Pony parade were also strong.

And Baga probably gave her best gallop to date, but that’s not exactly a high fence. The other two were, well, a neigh.

“What’s Section 28?”

It stops the promotion of homosexuality. For most teachers that meant it could not even be spoken about. So it just erases gay people completely.

Thank god for Divina. Without her these woke-up-your-life sections would be in danger of feeling forced (which they probably are) and insincere (which they definitely are not).

As a straight person, you are constantly fed: you are right, you are valid. You don’t get that as a gay person.

The heart of Drag Race UK (BBC).

To say that kids are different now is to completely underestimate where we are. It made me feel like all those kids that are like me have hope. They won’t have the same struggle.

“F**k diamonds, try Crystal.”

Crystal gets left out the group hug (BBC).

Our cool kitten from confidence corner was shafted by her sisters just before the lip sync when literally nobody let her have two seconds to explain her feelings.

But she brought the fashion, the fierceness and the oh f**k you’re definitely too cool and unobtainable to be my friend but I want to party with you so- O.K. I’ve gone off on one. She was great.

You’re a bunch of ugly, talentless, horrible little witches.

Line of succession: Who is on their way to snatching the crown in Drag Race UK?

Please can we have MNEK every week (BBC).

1st: Baga Chipz

She’s the most consistent, Ru clearly loves her and the runways are… improving. Has she got it in the bag?

2nd: Divina Di Campo

She can smash a challenge like Baga, turn a look like The Vivienne and most importantly serve story. She’s finessed her own arc and lent legitimacy at the times the show gets deep. You can’t help but root for her.

3rd: The Vivienne

We thought she was invincible. But – despite the challenge – The Vivienne didn’t come off too badly this week. She slayed a lip sync, let us see some vulnerability and delivered some funny lines.

Also, not attacking Cheryl is a good look on her.

“Private school wasn’t wasted on me, was it? Now wearing ladies clothes and can’t spell break.”

4th: Blu Hydrangea 

I’m here for Blu pulling a Naomi Smalls and finally getting noticed after being cute, shady and overlooked the whole time. But it might be a tad too far to expect her to knock off one of the power three for a finale place.

5th: Cheryl Hole

“It’s a new day in the work room, and I’m ready for another day of me doing mediocre.”

Oh, babes. Keep fighting for this, love.