Evangelical church releases app for children where they can marry LGBT couples

Metropolitan New York Synod (MNYS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church

An Evangelical Lutheran Church in New York has released an app for children in which they can create LGBT+ characters and marry them

The Metropolitan New York Synod (MNYS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America released the app, which features six different games to help children develop an inclusive view of their religion.

The app’s description states: “The MNYS Children’s App is a joyful experience designed to engage and educate kids in the beauty of the accepting and welcoming love of God… These games are fun and creative, allowing children to embody the radically welcoming inclusivity of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”

The games include colouring in stained glass windows, a memory game featuring different cultures, and a simulation where children can create avatars of any “ethnicity and gender-identity combination” and marry them in a church.

According to Advocate, MNYS bishop Paul Egensteiner said:”I am thrilled to announce the release of the Metropolitan New York Synod Children’s App.

“This new innovative app will aid the youth in expanding their Christian education and developing a humanly perspective of the Gospel. It is such a pleasure to see this app come to life.”

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) allows same-sex marriage and for LGBT+ clergy to be ordained, although it acknowledges that opinion can be divided between its members.

In a statement on human sexuality, it said: “It is only within the last decades that this church has begun to understand in new ways the need of same-gender oriented individuals to seek relationships of lifelong companionship and commitment as well as public accountability and legal support for those commitments.”

It added: “Although at this time this church lacks consensus on this matter, it encourages all people to live out their faith in the local and global community of the baptised with profound respect for the conscience-bound belief of the neighbour.

“This church calls for mutual respect and for guidance that seeks the good of all.”