There’s riggery, tomfoolery and Bagotage afoot on Drag Race UK

We’ve all been made up to see just how well Drag Race UK has managed to migrate across the pond from its mother show. But how did the British queens fare flouncing with family?

Drag Race UK season 1 episode 7: The verdict.

How much Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent was Drag Race UK’s episode seven packing?

Overall: C.U.n.

This week tends to turn winners into losers. No, really. From Ongina’s elimination under Drag Race US’ infamous season one spotlight, to Manila Luzon’s All Stars 4 assassination by Naomi Smalls, via Raja, Adore Delano, Alyssa Edwards, Monet Xchange, Alaska, Shea Coulee and Nina West. A fair amount of fan favourites have at least flirted with an early finish following a failed family facsimile. As, perhaps, should have been the case this week.

Did someone say Bagotage?

Mini challenge: C.U.N.

It’s time for puppets! Baga Chipz did some funny voices but failed to crack a joke while Cheryl Hole eviscerated both Baga’s looks and attitude, dropping her in the crapper for failing to learn her words to last week’s lip sync. The Vivienne did a majestic take-down of Divina De Campo’s chalky make-up and  Divina had the time of her life with Cheryl Doll.

“Cheryl how you doing in the competition?”

Drag Race UK

Drag Race UK’s Cheryl Hole get’s asked a tough question (BBC).

Runway: C.U.

Category is: Drag family realness. 

This week two queens gave the queers what we were hungry for. Condragulations Michaela Coel and RuPaul Charles, you were the winners of this week’s runway.

Michaela Coel wins best dressed (BBC).

Meanwhile Baga’s mum Sacka Spuds was less Chipz family more Addams.

Divina appropriated The Vivienne’s shade by donning the classic red wig and silver dress. Or was it Paris? Michaela was right: you genuinely couldn’t tell who was who.

Which is what this episode is all about, I guess. Forget family connection, they were looking for the carbon copy. Welcome to RuPaul’s Best Twin Race.

Bagotage: Bottom WHO?

I was convinced we were about to see a Baga Chipz v The Vivienne lip sync. Cheryl and Sissy’s paint, outfits and pure joy were matched only by Divina and Paris. The Vivienne fell decisively short of the high bar she’s been setting all season, but Ru saved her anyway.

Cheryl sashays away from Drag Race UK

“Oh my god it’s Gina! Come here you little slut.”

Poor Cheryl. Not only was she shafted in the challenge but she was made to lip sync against Baga to an Amy Winehouse song. The gal didn’t have a chance.

Cheryl Hole is all of us (BBC).

We have no choice but to stan. The show owes her much, much more than a badge. Bring on All Stars UK.

“I have the worst record to get to the top four.”

Roxxxy Andrews is here to make it clear (Netflix).

Line of succession: Who is on their way to snatching the crown in Drag Race UK?

1st: Divina De Campo

She’s been serving story arc, talking head and high-fashion. The heart, soul and – surely – champion of Drag Race UK is ready to set the world on fire. Something tells me that red wig and silver dress will be getting a fair amount of use in the years to come. 

2nd: The Vivienne

She’s polish, she’s brass, makes the gays go yass. But will she snatch the crown? There’s a long history of the high-fashion queen with a seemingly impenetrable wall placing second (see: Brook Lynn Heights, Raven, Courtney Act), so she’s facing an uphill battle. But Ru rewards talent. If she kills it next week – which, let’s face it ,she probably will – she could well be our first victor.

3rd: Baga Chipz

The sisterly love was felt by all at Drag Race UK (BBC).

Well that wasn’t exactly a winning edit, to put it mildly. You definitely can’t judge family dynamics through the lens of a highly edited TV screen but boy… that verged on bullying. I hope Baga’s mum is OK after being thrown underneath a triple-decker bus, and she can find the strength to Google a good adoption agency.