Teenagers sentenced to 13 years after luring men from Grindr to rob and urinate on them in ‘humiliating’ homophobic attack

Grindr crime: The logo for gay hook-up app Grindr

A gang of teenage boys were sentenced to 13 years after luring gay men they met on Grindr into a city park before robbing and humiliating them in a homophobic attack.

By using fake Grindr accounts, the teens would target gay men and tempt them into Bordesley Green in Birmingham, England, reported Birmingham Live.

The four victims were left fearing for their life after the teens tied them up, urinated on them and robbed them in a string of attacks from January 5 to March 29.

One Grindr victim was gagged before being forced to walk in dog excrement. 

Three victims were bound by their hands and feet and two were urinated on.

In one attack, gagged with a pair of socks, the victim was forced to walk through dog excrement in a deluge of degrading acts.

One victim was told he deserved to be attacked and robbed because he was a “white man responsible for attacks on Muslims in New Zealand”.

The string of attacks occurred in a city park in England in the first quarter of the year. (PinkNews)

The string of attacks occurred in a city park in England in the first quarter of the year. (PinkNews)

Moreover, one man’s torture lasted for around two hours, and one attacker used a screwdriver to repeatedly stab his jacket.

He was then threatened to have the weapon be stabbed in his eye, spat on, urinated on, tied up and his trousers pulled down as the gang snapped photos of his genitals as they demeaned him.

Mohammed Khan, 18, of George Road, Hay Mills and Mohammed Umar, 18, of Denville Crescent, Bordesley Green, had previously admitted conspiracy to rob and conspiracy to commit a burglary.

Qaasim Ahmad, 18, of Heather Road, Small Heath, was found guilty of those charges and also conspiracy to falsely imprison.

The men ‘deliberately degraded and humiliated’ the victims, says judge. 

Kham and Ahmad were both sentenced by the Birmingham Crown Court to 13 years and four months detention.

While Umar was given a sentence of 11 years and three months.

Judge Heidi Kubic QC, as she passed the sentence, said: “You deliberately degraded and humiliated your victims.

“They had the courage to come forward and publicise their ordeal

“I am quite satisfied all four men were targeted because they were gay men.

“You had set up fake Grinder accounts to lure them to secluded areas.

“You subjected your victims to serious physical assaults and you threatened them with various weapons, including a large hunting knife, a screw driver and you used a metal bar to inflict injuries.”

The courts heard that the men dragged their victims into the park bushes. One victim was threatened with having their face superimposed on a video of a paedophile.