Once again, powerful transgender lobby elects 0 openly trans or non-binary MPs

Voters head to polls in what is considered the most important election in a generation, in London, on Dec. 12, 2019.

The powerful and sinister transgender lobby that everyone is regularly warned about has demonstrated the shocking extent of its reach by electing zero openly transgender and non-binary MPs.

The zero MPs elected by the much-publicised transgender lobby amounts to – you guessed it – zero percent of the 650 MPs who sit in the chamber.

The result means that there are now more MPs who believe that transgender people are part of an extremist Muslim conspiracy to destroy the West than MPs who are transgender.

It marks the 57th consecutive general election with no openly transgender people elected.

None of the trans and non-binary candidates won

Four trans women and six non-binary people were standing for election across the Greens, Lib Dems and Labour.

However, few of them were in winnable seats, with more than half of them losing their deposits.

One of the only trans and non-binary candidates was in a target seat – Liberal Democrat Helen Belcher, who lost out to Conservative Michelle Donelan in Chippenham.

Transgender Lib Dem candidate Helen Belcher

Lib Dem candidate Helen Belcher

Belcher received 34.5 percent of the vote, a nine-point gain on 2017, but still short of Donelan’s 54.3 percent.

She told PinkNews ahead of the election: “Over the past 10 years I have acquired a lot of experience in campaigning, which includes same sex marriage, trans rights, press regulation and making votes matter.

“I want to make use of the skills I have acquired to benefit my local community.”

How the ten transgender and non-binary candidates did

Helen Belcher, Liberal Democrat, Chippenham. 34.5 percent.

Thom Kirkwood, Labour, Richmond. 16.4 percent.

Charley Hasted, Liberal Democrat, Eltham. 6.7 percent.

Heather Herbert, Labour, Gordon. 5.5 percent.

Elaine Gallagher, Scottish Green Party, Glasgow Central. 3.6 percent.

Ben Foley, Green Party, Luton South. 2.4 percent.

Tom Pashby, Green Party, South West Hertfordshire. 2.4 percent.

Quinn Daley, Green Party, Pudsey, 1.6 percent.

Rowan McLaughlin, Green Party, Redcar. 1.2 percent.

Sophie Cook, independent, Worthing East and Shoreham. 0.5 percent.