Give this man ‘dad of the year’ until the end of days for how he reacted to walking in on his gay son have sex

A father walked in on his son having sex with his "really good friend". (Stock photo via Elements Envato)

For so many of us, the thought of having our mum, dad or guardian walking in on us doing, well, you know, is a fear that can freeze us to our very core.

But this fear became a reality for one child in a moment so deeply horrifying John Carpenter is already writing a script for its film adaptation.

It’s ……….a father walking in on his son having sex with another guy.

Son has a ‘really good friend over for a sleepover’ and you know already where this is going. 

In the reddit forum r/relationship_advice, a father posted that very problem. He had stumbled into his son’s bedroom only to catch his 16-year-old child having sex with a male friend.

It began with the ancient gay proverb of: “My son had one of his really good friends over for a sleepover.”

Hurrying up the stairs to ask the pair if they wanted a desert, the father explained that he usually knocks “but it was him and his friend, so I figured I didn’t really need to.”

He continued: “Anyway, I open the door and my son’s getting bonked by his friend. I don’t know if [I] reacted that well – but not badly either.

“I just said something like, ‘oh, f**k’, and shut the door again.

“I waited downstairs for maybe 20 minutes to see if they would come sat anything, but they didn’t, so I went to bed.”

‘Hell, I’m sure if my dad had saw me having sex I would’ve faked my death and moved to Mexico or something.’

The morning after the night before, and the pal had since left. “My son looked so scared and tired, I don’t think he slept that much, not that I can blame him.

“It was kind of awkward, but eventually he was like, ‘yeah, dad, I’m gay and [friend] is my boyfriend of two years’, (surprised by that, but nice in a way, I guess).

“Him being gay wasn’t a surprise as I’ve aways suspected, to be honest, but I didn’t say that of course and was like, ‘OK, cool, love you no matter what, I don’t care who you like’.”

No, you’re crying, OK.

Anyway, since the encounter, the son has been “awkward and barely said a word” to his dad.

“I’ve tried to talk but it always ends up a very short and awkward conversation. Is it just natural awkwardness and embarrassment ?”

‘Awkward’ is the word of the day here.

The dad continued: “Hell, I’m sure if my dad had saw me having sex I would’ve faked my death and moved to Mexico or something.”

We’re here for the relatable content, to be honest.

Stumped, the dad decided to ask his son if he wanted to bring his boyfriend round for dinner as well as buy him lock for his door.

‘The world could use more fathers like you’.

So, with more than 4,7000 replies, just what did the people of the internet recommend he do?

“You are awesome,” one user said. “I think you’re doing fine.

“But please try to mention how important it is to be safe! Maybe put some condoms in a safe place for him to use, no questions asked, and refill the box if it gets low.”

Another added: “The world could use more fathers like you!

“Gentle acceptance and just keep doing what you’re doing will help your son know it’s okay and he’ll relax.”

While the folks on Twitter shared similar sentiments: