Straight men think sitting in a comfortable chair is ‘gay’ and we’ve never seen masculinity this fragile

A straight man's concern that appreciating a comfortable chair would imply he's gay has gone viral on Twitter. (Twitter)

Comfortable chairs are the latest thing that straight men avoid to shield their strong and stable masculinity, according to the internet.

Straight men really do have it tough, living a life where appreciating sunsets, fruity cocktails and recycling are strictly off limits, where their efforts to form straight prides are met with opposition and they are burdened with earning more money than their queer counterparts.

Of course, ‘not all straight men’ are like this, but one guy’s Snapchat of his new chair has gone viral on Twitter for capturing so succinctly the struggles of being a straight man in today’s truly heterophobic, anti-straight world.

Comfortable chairs are gay, says straight men. 

In the snap, later posted on Twitter, it sees the guy appreciating his “new chair.

“No homo,” he continued, a phrase used after one inadvertently says something that ‘sounds gay’ or feminine, “but it is very comfortable.”

The chair, which features flamingly homosexual lumbar support and aggressively gay adjustable swivel action, is designed with gamers in mind, according to its Amazon page.

It was later quoted tweeted with the take, “Fellas, is it gay to sit comfortably?” which we went viral tallying more than 106,200 likes and 683,900 likes in just two days.

Of course, the LGBT+ community rallied to support this man grappling with his inner demons to appreciate good ergonomic furniture.

Some users couldn’t help but wonder if the guy’s name is Kevin.

Others revelled in finding the icon of the straight rights movement, the uncomfortable chair.

Some showed concern for straight folk.

Some users came with receipts, showing how it’s science that, indeed, comfortable chairs are part of the Gay Agenda.