Far-right activist tries to shame queer man for giving out ‘free blow jobs’ in bizarre ‘homophobic’ rant

Kaitlin Bennett

A conservative pundit asked a queer student and his friend why he was “giving free blow jobs” at a campus party. Their response? “Communism!”

Kaitlin Bennett – known as “the Kent State gun girl” after she posed with a rifle in her graduation photos – confronted two students about their left-wing politics.

A video shared to the Liberty Hangout YouTube channel (of which Bennett is media director) shows the pair passionately defending the idea of communism as “a collective spirit to build a better world”.

“I was visiting my friend at Rutgers over Thanksgiving when Kaitlin came up to us and asked us if we believed it to be a racist holiday,” Angela, a senior student at the University of Miami, told PinkNews.

Angela and her friend James shared a few minutes of steadily fraught debate with Bennett, who brought things to a head by denying the existence of structural racism.

Criticising their “communist collective ideology”, she asks: “What are you resisting?”

“I’m resisting you, b***h,” Angela replies, as thinks quickly turn base.

As she apologises for the insult her friend James chimes: “I’m sorry you s*** your pants at Kent State.”

Bennett then turns to the camera and announces: “This guy was at a party at Kent State, he was giving out free blow jobs. He wanted nothing in return.”

“I guess I was,” he proudly admits.

“Why were you giving out free blow jobs?” Bennett asks.

“Communism,” Angela answers on his behalf.

Nodding in agreement, James quips: “Collective spirit, share the wealth.”

The exchange was shared to Bennett’s YouTube channel Liberty Hangout in November, but has now gone viral on Twitter.

Angela said that she and James were already familiar with Bennett, and therefore knew what to expect.

“I would have loved to debate doctrine and policies but it’s clear her aim was to paint a specific stereotype of the American left with leading questions,” she explained.

Angela said that she wasn’t surprised by Bennett’s “homophobic” quip about blow jobs, “because we had seen her on the internet before and knew the scope of her views.”

She added: “The deliberate choice to weaponise my friend’s sexuality or even use it as the source of a joke was offensive.”

‘Gun girl’ Kaitlin Bennett was shut down by another student over trans rights.

As a number of Twitter users noted, this is far from the first time that Bennett’s confrontational style has backfired.

Last week, a video surfaced of Bennett asking a Kent State student what he thought of putting urinals in women’s restrooms, “for women who have penises and just want to stand and pee.”

“I think people are just making too big of a deal about it,” he replied, adding: “I don’t really care.”

Bennett continued her line of questioning with questions about introducing sanitary products to men’s restrooms for men who have periods, seemingly trying to weasel a transphobic response from the man.

Repeatedly, he replied with “I don’t care,”or “that’s not my business,” finally telling her: I care about people’s personal rights. They can do whatever they want.”