Far-right gun rights activist repeatedly asks student transphobic questions and it epically backfires

Kaitlin Bennett

The NRA’s poster child and InfoWars ‘journalist’ Kaitlin Bennett attempted to draw university students into transphobic arguments for her website, but it didn’t exactly go to plan.

Bennett is best known for her pro-gun and anti-abortion stance, first gaining media attention for strolling round her university campus with an AR-10 rifle like the perfectly ordinary human she is.

Her repertoire now includes transgender women, who she believes are “predators”. With this in mind she recently released a series of bizarre videos in which she tried and failed to harangue people into confirming her anti-trans views.

“What do you think about putting urinals in the women’s restroom for women who have penises?” she asked – an initiative that’s totally new to us by the way – followed by: “And what about tampons and pads in the men’s restroom for men who have periods?”

Kaitlin Bennett clearly hoped this statement would start an entertaining debate she could post on her Liberty Hangout YouTube channel, but to her disappointment none of her interviewees saw a problem with more inclusive bathrooms.

“That’s fine, if it makes them feel comfortable I don’t mind. I don’t really care about it,” was the sentiment echoed throughout.

“Sounds fantastic” one student replied (YouTube/Liberty Hangout)

“They gotta do what they gotta do! It doesn’t bother me,” one man replied. “It’s not my business, I’m not that into it.” Another answered: “It wouldn’t bother me. We do not pick who we are and who we become.”

In the face of their unrelenting disinterest in the matter, Bennett desperately persisted with her line of questioning: “Do you see a problem with me asking you about men having periods?”

“No, I mean, it’s a college campus, it’s all about ideas, to share,” one student replied.

She finally met her match when she approached a true libertarian – someone who, unlike Bennett, simply just wants people to be left alone to mind their own business.

“I think people are just making too big a f**king deal about it. I don’t really care,” he said.

“OK, so… we should or shouldn’t?” she pressed.

“I mean, I don’t really care,” he said. Not content with this answer, Bennett asked him how he’d feel about there being tampons or pads in the men’s bathroom.

“If you’re really getting that worked up about it, why does it matter? Like, I don’t care. It’s just sitting there, I’m not going to take it,” he said. “If a dude wants a tampon for some reason he can take it, it’s not any of my business.”

As he responds to several more questions in this manner Bennett appears to grow increasingly frustrated. She asks whether a person should “seek medical advice” if they’re “bleeding out of their penis”, which, by the way, is not something that ever happens to trans men on their periods.

Her interviewee simply repeats: “I don’t care. Why should I care?” Why indeed.

When Kaitlin Bennett accuses him of not caring about people, he ends the interview saying: “I care about people’s personal rights. They can do what they want. It’s none of my business.”

Seemingly unaware of how ridiculous she appeared in every encounter, Bennett actually published the interviews, titling the video: ‘College Students Have No Morals‘.