Julianne Moore watched the Oscars in the most Julianne Moore way imaginable – from a legendary gay bar

Julianne Moore and her daughter Liv Freundlich outside of Julius'

Julianne Moore visited New York’s oldest gay bar, Julius’, to celebrate Oscars night.

The Academy Award-winning actor – who is a fierce advocate for LGBT+ rights – shared a photo of herself with her 17-year-old daughter Liv Freundlich on a red carpet outside of Julius’ in New York’s West Village.

“Happy Oscars everybody,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I have a lot of friends nominated tonight for their exquisite work this year – sending them all love – I’m watching and cheering you on!!”

She later posted an Instagram story from Julius’ to congratulate “the beautiful and exquisitely talented” Laura Dern on her best supporting actress win.

Moore has been nominated for five Oscars throughout her career, winning her first award – best actress – in 2015 for Still Alice.

Julianne Moore fought for marriage equality for many years.

Moore has won a legion of LGBT+ fans over the years, both by starring in iconic queer films including A Single Man and The Kids Are All Right, and by fighting passionately for LGBT+ rights.

In 2010 she came out in support of marriage equality, telling WENN.com: “Absolutely, everyone should have the same rights. It’s a right, no one should be denied that.”

Five years on, in the lead-up to the Supreme Court ruling which made same-sex marriage the law of the land, Moore released a video reminding people: “We will keep fighting until all of us are truly equal.”

At around the same time the actor played a lesbian police detective in Freeheld opposite Ellen Page.

Moore said she was “honoured” to work with Page, who had come out as gay a year before the film came out.

“This was the first time that Ellen’s played a gay character on screen and she was delighted,” she told This Morning. “She felt that she was able to be her authentic self in a part.”