Anti-LGBT+ priest tells MPs that sex education leads to sex abuse and anal cancer, and no one stopped her

Priest tells MPs inclusive sex education leads to abuse and anal cancer

An Anglican priest recently spoke in the House of Commons to say that LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education leads to “child-on-child sex abuse” and “oral and anal cancers”.

Lynda Rose, who has previously said that LGBT-inclusive education is “state-sponsored abuse” and comparable to Nazism, was invited to speak at a parliamentary briefing on February 26 by MP Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP’s leader in the House of Commons.

The parliamentary briefing was organised by the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group, which previously supported Section 28, banning schools from “promoting homosexuality”.

In September 2020, LGBT-inclusive relationships education will become mandatory in UK primary schools, and LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education will become mandatory in UK secondary schools.

Rose told those in attendance that inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) will mean that children are “being subjected from age three to the messages that they can change their gender, if they want, and that they may be homosexual, because they have a best friend of the same sex… It’s a social experiment, and it’s abuse”.

She added that puberty blockers are “being prescribed wholesale to children seeking gender reassignment”, that there was a “massive increase in child-on-child sex abuse cases… resulting from too much information too soon” and that “the rise in oral and anal cancers directly results from the normalisation and promotion of these kinds of sex to young people”.

Lynda Rose was joined by other anti-LGBT speakers in the House of Commons on inclusive sex education.

Lynda Rose, who is the director of an anti-abortion pressure group which describes same-sex marriage as a “neo-pagan battle for supremacy” that will “rewrite the Christian faith”, was not the only person to speak during the parliamentary briefing.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of the anti-trans organisation Transgender Trend, joined forces with the anti-LGBT+ priest at the parliamentary briefing.

Davies-Arai said during the meeting that teaching children about gender identity “disempowers all children by making them less confident of using the correct biological words to report abuse”.

She added: “Once boys and girls are defined as genders based on internal feelings, and biological sex differences are deemed irrelevant, the inevitable result is erosion of any boundary between the sexes.”

Davies-Arai inexplicably decided to turn her speech towards the idea of adult men using girls’ toilets. The majority of the time, schools have separate toilets for children and adults, and the topic of bathroom use has nothing to do with RSE.

She said: “Are girls expected to accept the presence of men who are sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothing in their toilets and changing-rooms? Mixed-sex facilities deny all children their right to privacy, comfort and dignity.”

Former BBC journalist Shelley Charlesworth also attended to lash out at the LGBT-inclusive education programme No Outsiders, which she branded “inappropriate adult material imposed on children who are not developmentally equipped to understand it”.

Ed Matyjaszek, head teacher of the Priory School in the Isle of Wight, which is run with “a distinct Christian ethos” and currently only teaches “matters relating to reproduction in humans” as RSE, described inclusive sex education as “grooming”.

According to The Conservative Woman, he told the House of Commons: “We are in danger of instituting via RSE a national grooming programme in primary schools.

“Obviously the predator’s aim is abuse, but the [sex education teaching] process with the child is the same, whether that is the aim or not.”

Other speakers included Judith Nemeth, of the anti-LGBT+ Values Foundation which claims to “represent faith and traditional family values” in education, and parent Jacqueline Corcoran who claimed that her four-year-old persistently asks for “two mummies” after taking part in the No Outsiders programme.

Just two MPs attended the anti-LGBT+ parliamentary briefing on RSE.

According to Transgender Trend, other than MP Jeffrey Donaldson who chaired the meeting, just two MPs attended.

They are named by the anti-trans group as Stephen Timms (Labour) and Danny Kruger (Conservative).

However, Timms told PinkNews: “I looked in briefly at the start of this event because one of my constituents wanted to attend. I’m afraid I wasn’t there long enough to form a view, but I don’t expect mandatory RSE teaching to be ‘harmful’.”

Kruger and Donaldson did not respond to requests for comment.

The Trade Union Side (TUS), the House of Commons trade union, and ParliOUT, the workplace equality network which supports LGBT+ people in parliament, wrote a letter to the clerks of the House of Commons and House of Lords to oppose the event. 

They also requested guidance on whether LGBT+ parliament staff would be required to work at such events in the future.

They wrote: “We accept that the parliamentary authorities have little control over who members of parliament invite to speak at parliamentary events. 

“However, some staff are, understandably, uncomfortable working on such events. Similar events have been hosted in parliament before and they are incredibly damaging to the LGBT+ workforce across parliament and their allies. 

“They also undermine the house’s diversity and inclusion strategy and, potentially, its position in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index.

“This event is incompatible with the principle that the House ‘must never underestimate [its] influence as contributors to diverse and inclusive change, on and off the parliamentary estate’ and is likely to lead to some damage to parliament’s reputation publicly.”

Garry Graham, deputy general secretary of Prospect, a trade union which represents parliament staff, said: “Nobody should be forced to work at an event where the main speaker is on the record attacking their identity, describing education about LGBT+ issues as a ‘social experiment’, and spreading hatred and prejudice about them.

“If MPs are going to continue to be free to invite these speakers to the House of Commons, then staff must be free to refuse to work on those events in the future.

“I would urge all MPs and the house authorities to think carefully about the welfare of parliamentary staff when organising these events, and to ensure that parliament can be a place where LGBT+ staff feel safe and supported, rather than yet another place where they face discrimination.”

A parliamentary spokesperson told PinkNews: “Both houses of parliament are committed to creating value an inclusive and welcoming working environment for all staff.

“While it is for individual members of either house to decide who they choose to invite to private events in parliament, we will listen carefully to the concerns of any staff who felt uncomfortable facilitating a particular event.

“Staff of both houses are politically impartial and are expected to work hard to provide a high-quality service to members and other stakeholders, regardless of political considerations, to the best of their ability.”