Priest who compared LGBT-inclusive education to Nazism invited to speak in UK parliament

Reverend Lynda Rose has been invited to speak in UK parliament

An anti-abortion Anglican priest who said LGBT-inclusive education is “state-sponsored abuse” and comparable to Nazism has been invited to speak in UK parliament.

Reverend Lynda Rose was invited by Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, the DUP’s leader in the House of Commons, to speak at a meeting of the Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group.

According to The Times, the group is chaired by Donaldson and strongly supported Section 28, which banned schools from “promoting homosexuality”.

Rose is the director of anti-abortion pressure group Voice for Justice UK, which also describes same-sex marriage as a “neo-pagan battle for supremacy” that  will “rewrite the Christian faith”.

She is expected to speak in parliament about relationship and sex education (RSE), which will become statutory for UK primary schools in September 2020, and her belief that it has been “taken over by ideologues and special interest groups who wish to promote their own agendas”.

Rose has previously said that LGBT-inclusive education is “state-sponsored abuse and it’s going to have a profound influence on children and the way they think and act in the future.”

The priest has made repeated anti-LGBT+ comments on her blog for Voice for Justice UK.

She wrote in 2019: “Over the last 50 years the LGBT community has been spectacularly successful in achieving its ends, with raucous and sexually explicit gay pride marches spanning the globe…  It is not acceptable that so-called gay rights activists should be allowed to suppress all expression of Christian belief and doctrine, on the flimsy ground that it conflicts with their chosen behaviour and life-style.”

She added in the same blog post: “In a society founded on Christian faith, believers should be free to manifest and express that belief.

“To hold otherwise is to follow the totalitarian dictates of Communism or Nazi Germany – as is the ideological demand that children only be taught LBGT values and behaviour, with the suppression of all else.”

She has also described gay sex as “sexual practices for which the body is not designed and that can cause great and lasting harm.”

In another post, focused on LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education, she wrote: “However this is dressed up, the clear aim is not child protection and safeguarding, but rather the promotion and normalisation of homosexual practices and same-sex relations.

“It is yet further evidence of the ideological struggle for control by a liberal elite, committed to the dismantling and destruction of society as we know it.”

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner told The Times: “It’s extremely concerning that this event is taking place in parliament. Relationships and sex education is of crucial importance, especially for LGBT+ pupils.”