Derry Girls star has spent his coronavirus self-isolation perfecting his Summer Heights High Mr G impression

Summer Heights High Mr G derry girls

Derry Girls star Dylan Llewellyn has spent his coronavirus isolation in the best way possible: perfecting his impression of Mr G from Summer Heights High.

Llewellyn, who plays “wee English fella” James on the Channel 4 show, recreated on TikTok a performance by Summer Heights High drama teacher Mr G.

Mr G gave the dance performance “for the kids for a whole lesson just to give them a sort of benchmark of how things are done, so they can see someone at a professional industry level”.

Llewellyn’s dance, including an interpretive element underneath a fitted sheet and a cat impression, is everything we need in this lonely time.

The Derry Girls star’s show in his kitchen during self-isolation is, as one Twitter user put it, “a cross-section of every one of our interests.”

Another person wrote: “Combines my two favourite things… the ‘wee English fella’ from Derry Girls and Mr G!”

One TikTok commenter described the post as “a crossover I didn’t know I needed”.

The video did confuse some Derry Girl’s fans, with one asking: “He’s Australian?”

Another said: “Gosh is he really Aussie? Kiwi??”

While Mr G never officially confirmed his sexuality throughout the one and only season of the mockumentary series, it is heavily implied that he is gay.

Chris Lilley, who both acted in and created Summer Heights High, has faced criticism for some of his comedy.

In his Netflix series Lunatics, released last year, he was criticised after seemingly dressing in blackface to portray a lesbian character.

Among the Australian comedian’s six different personas in the programme is Jana, who’s described by Netflix as “a lesbian pet psychic to the stars” from South Africa.

The Summer Heights High star appears to have darkened his face and styled his hair into an afro for the role, causing a Twitter storm of controversy.

One user tweeted: “To be fair, blackface isn’t the only thing Lilley does. He also does brownface and makes jokes at the expense of the LGBT+ and those with mental disabilities.”