In an historic and unprecedented crossover, Phillip Schofield interviewed Chanel the Parrot’s owner on live TV

Chanel the parrot

Chanel the African grey parrot has finally made it onto This Morning, permanently cementing her status as a national treasure.

The avian escape artist became a viral sensation when she made a bid for freedom and flew in the direction of a Liverpool canal last week.

Her owner Sandra made a desperate plea for her return on Facebook Live, recording herself running through the streets screaming Chanel’s name.

“We all cried all night,” Sandra told the Daily Mail. “We were all saying a prayer, please come home Chanel. We were just all devastated.”

With the world waiting for Sandra to be reunited with her beloved parrot, the iconic Scouse cry “CHANEEEELLLL!” was shared millions of times online.

As Chanel failed to return her fame only grew stronger, until the parrot gained a legendary status afforded only to dresses that are neither blue nor gold.

Then morning broke on April 23, and a miracle happened. Over two miles from her home in a town called Seaforth, Chanel was found “knocking on someone’s window saying ‘hello! hello! hello!'”

She was quickly reunited with her overjoyed family, who were only slightly more overjoyed than Gay Twitter, which by this time had adopted the bird as one of their own.

Then in what is possibly the most ambitious crossover yet, Chanel the parrot was interviewed by Phillip Schofield about her epic Liverpudlian odyssey.

Or rather, her owner Sandra was, since Chanel herself appeared to be temporarily star struck when faced with Schofe.

“All my mates were messaging me [saying] ‘you’ve gone famous!'” Sandra told the This Morning hosts. “All of us were in stitches until 4am watching [the videos].”

Thankfully, Schofield asked the burning question that’s been on all our minds: just why is the parrot called Chanel?

“Because me dog’s Coco,” Sandra revealed, as Schofield keeled over laughing.