Homophobe angry at gay governor’s lockdown order stages pathetic ‘open our gyms f****t’ protest

Lockdown protestor

A Colorado man was pictured driving around in a truck spray-painted with homophobic graffiti after state’s gay governor ordered gyms to remain mostly closed.

The lockdown protestor, from Loveland, Colorado, drove up and down the streets of his hometown on  17, with the words “open our gyms faggot” spray-painted on the back of his pickup truck.

According to Queerty, Colorado governor Jared Polis, who is openly gay, had announced earlier that week: “Businesses such as gyms and nightclubs are highly social and a timeline on those has not been determined yet.

“Some gyms are open to appointment-only personal training for now.”

Local antifa group Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists said it had identified the man, and published photos said to be from his Facebook page of the lockdown protestor wearing confederate flag muscle tees.

“He’s a boring and bigoted man living a sad life, whose only joy seems to come from skipping leg day, calling gay people slurs, and spreading viruses,” the group said.

It advised: “Stay inside (if you can), wear a mask, be gay, and do crimes.”

Colorado governor forced to reject vile Nazi comparisons over stay-at-home order.

Polis, Colorado’s gay Jewish governor, was forced last month to reject accusations of Nazism for trying to save lives with his coronavirus stay-at-home order.

In response to right wing lockdown protestors, Polis said: “As a Jewish American who lost family in the Holocaust, I’m offended by any comparison to Nazism.

“We act to save lives. The exact opposite of the slaughter of six million Jews and many gypsies and Catholics and gays and lesbians and Russians and so many others.

“That being said, we know these steps are difficult, and it’s not a contest to see how much you can get away with. It’s a contest to see how well you can stay at home.

“By not staying at home, by having parties, by congregating, you’re not sticking it to the government, you’re not sticking it to Jared Polis — you’re sticking it to yourself, because you’re putting yourself and your loved ones in jeopardy.”