Orange is the New Black star among people hurt as police ‘shoot protesters in the back’ at Black Lives Matter march

Matt McGorry shared shocking video footage of police officers beating protesters in LA.

Orange is the New Black star Matt McGorry has captured shocking video footage of police beating Black Lives Matter demonstrators with batons and apparently shooting protestors in the back as they ran away.

McGorry, who played CO John Bennett in the popular Netflix series, says he himself was shot with a rubber bullet during the Black Lives Matter protest in Fairfax, LA on Saturday (May 30).

He was among several eyewitnesses who filmed the police leading violence against protestors during what seemed to be a peaceful demonstration. He later shared the footage on Twitter, making it clear what he thinks of “facist cops”.

“Oh s**t, they’re f**king firing,” he said in the video. “You’re firing guns at people walking away! F**k you!

“Firing guns at people walking the f**k away, that’s what the f**k is happening. That’s what the f**king cops do.”

In another of McGorry’s videos, officers wearing riot gear begin approaching a crowd of protestors when an inaudible exchange occurs. At least two officers then start swinging their batons into the crowd with extraordinary aggression, striking multiple unarmed demonstrators.

“They’re not doing anything, you f**king pigs,” McGorry can be heard shouting over the screams. “What the f**k are you doing?”

Posting the footage on Twitter, he wrote: “More police brutality from the @BLMLA @WeBldPwr protest yesterday where cops starting swinging batons and shooting projectiles at people simply standing there with their hands up.”

Matt McGorry says white people have a responsibility to show up for Black Lives Matter.

The actor, also known for his role in How to Get Away With Murder, also participated in the May 31 protests in Santa Monica, and says he plans on continuing to join demonstration in the city.

“When we don’t show up, it makes it even more dangerous for the folks who are more marginalised, who are potentially easier targets. I believe in my responsibility and the responsibility of all white people to show up,” he told the Hollywood Reporter.

He continued: “It’s important as a white person to understand the moral obligation of ending the oppression of Black people. It’s not an act of charity but something I believe as white folks we need to find our personal stake in, to have any sort of moral integrity.

“As white folks, we need to be up there and up front, as a barrier between Black folks and the police. It’s a system that’s designed to benefit white folks, particularly white, wealthy people.”

PinkNews has contacted LAPD for comment.