Rabid Trump supporter chants ‘kill transgenders, kill f****ts’ in response to peaceful Black Lives Matter protest

"Back the Blue" counter-protesters in Shaler Township, Pennsylvania, only feet away from a Black Lives Matter demo. (Screen capture via Youtube/CBS Pittsburgh)

A Pennsylvania man sought to drum up support for a pro-police, pro-Trump rally by shouting “kill transgenders, kill f*****s”, drawing a chorus of boos and groans from both sides last Saturday (July 25).

As Black Lives Matter protests continue to rally against systemic racism, there has been an uptick in pro-police citizens attacking those pressing for an overhaul of law enforcement.

The latest, in Shaler Township, Allegheny County, saw around 100 Black Lives Matter demonstrators pack the streets outside of a local middle school.

A small throng of counter-protesters, many wearing Trump apparel, bubbled opposite. Then a man, alleged by some to be the rally’s leader, shattered chants of “all lives matter” by repeatedly screeching into a megaphone: “Kill transgenders!”

His words shuddered through the protests, with people on both sides looking on in disbelief. Boos bellowed and one person off-camera shouted: “F**k you!”

The bigot capped off his abrupt rant by shouting “kill f****ts”, which some in the pro-law-and-order mob began chanting with him.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, while insults flew between the two groups, the clash did not escalate into physical violence.

Black Lives Matter protests draw counter-demonstrations across the US.

The Black Lives Matter street demonstrations that have juddered throughout cities and far-flung small towns for months have drawn out complex grievances and feelings from locals.

As an open challenge against centuries of racist policing grips the US, some lone hands feel compelled to join law enforcement’s increasingly violent efforts to squash protests.

Wielding axes, billy clubs, golf clubs and other jerry-rigged weapons, one pro-police mob in nearby Philadelphia threatened barbarity against Black Lives Matters protesters. They thundered through the streets, shouting homophobic insults at passersby in what one sociologist said was comparable to “non-lethal lynching”.

Both counter-protests that played out in the state saw attendees be majorly male, white and many wearing pro-Donald Trump apparel.