A gay man asked a truck to move so he could park his car. In return, he was beaten unconscious by two homophobes

Christian Council: Thugs beat gay man unconscious while screaming slurs

A gay Oklahoma realtor was beaten unconscious in a homophobic attack in the early hours of Saturday (June 27) while his attackers screamed anti-gay slurs.

Christian Council said he was on his way home with a friend, but as he was pulling into his parking lot a truck in the middle of the road blocked him.

He honked his horn for the truck to move, and when it did he parked his car. But as he and his friend got out of the vehicle a man and woman were waiting for them.

He wrote on Facebook: “Two of them beat me. Gay slurs were screamed at me while I was being beaten unconscious.

“I tried hard to fight back, but I was outnumbered. The two that beat me were a man and a woman. They punched, kneed, and kicked me until I was totally knocked out.”

Council told local news station KFOR after the homophobic attack: “I’m in a lot of pain. I’ll never forget the feeling of my neck snapping back and forth every time he would hit either side of my head.

“It was clear that when they could tell my friend and I were gay, or that we appeared to be gay, they knew they could do what they did to me.”

(Christian Council/ Facebook)

Oklahoma Police Department master sergeant Gary Knight said the attackers “assaulted him, beat him up, left him laying on the ground”.

He added: “When officers arrived he was still on the ground, all of the involved parties were still there.”

Amery Dickerson and Bennett Stone were arrested for misdemeanour assault and battery, but have since been released.

That they were shouting anti-gay slurs was not mentioned in the police report.

On Tuesday (June 30), Council gave an update on Facebook and wrote: “I’m struggling today. I thought letting the news stations come interview me was the right thing to do, but today my anxiety is through the roof.

“I just want to bury my head under the covers and hide from the world. Here’s why I won’t.

“The people that did this are even younger than me. We all assume that with each younger generation that comes after us, they get more accepting and more open to diversity.

“This is not the case. We’ve got lots of work left to do.”