‘Graphic’ homophobic comic book described as ‘the most horrifying thing ever’ posted through unwitting locals’ front doors

homophobic comic book

A homophobic comic book is being posted through doors in Bristol, with one resident describing the it as the “most horrifying thing I’ve ever read”.

According to BristolLive, a resident in Redland, Bristol, said the booklet was posted through her door on Saturday (July 18).

The woman, who said a neighbour had also received the comic, said: “I’ve never read anything so horrifying in my life. It’s really quite graphic and attacking.

“It doesn’t state on the front what it is about so you don’t know what you’re about to be exposed to — it feels quite deceptive.

“That’s probably the most dangerous part.”

She added: “When I opened it, I felt quite uncomfortable in our own home.”

Avon and Somerset Police confirmed that they were aware of the incident.

Vile homophobic comic book leans on tired, dangerous tropes.

Warning: contains graphic descriptions of sexual violence and homophobia.

The cover of the comic book shows a small boy hugging a teddy bear, with the words: “Home Alone?”

Created by an anti-LGBT+, anti-Islam Christian company called Chick Publications, the comic tells the story of a boy, Charlie, who is looked after by a gay babysitter, Coach Brad.

The comic states: “Brad was not born that way. At the age of 11, he was sent to juvenile hall for stealing. There he was raped by two older boys.

“That act brought Brad into the homosexual world.”

In the comic book, Coach Brad sexually assaults Charlie and says that the “spirit that oppressed Brad now invaded Charlie”.

It claims that gay people have “over 500 sex partners during their lifetime” and have an “average lifespan of less that 50 years”.

In the end, while Charlie is “saved” by “choosing Jesus”, Coach Brad dies from AIDS and is sent to the “everlasting fire of hell”.

The company also produces comics that teach that Islam is “dangerous”, abortion is “murder”, climate change is a myth and Dungeons and Dragons is “intense occult training”.

Chick Publications told BristolLive in a statement: “We love people of all kinds. Only love warns everyone of our coming judgement.

“Because we love all kinds of people, we publish material warning them all of God’s coming judgement, so they can turn to Him and be saved.”