Gay man was having the time of his life in the forest with his dating app Romeo. Minutes later, he was murdered

A gay man was lured into a remote woodland to meet a 'date' that later robbed and killed him. (Stock photograph via Elements Envato)

A gay man was robbed and murdered by two men who lured him into a remote forest in southeast New Dehli, India, using a fake profile on the dating app Glued.

Sunny Dayal, a 25-year-old who worked with Volvo buses as a pantry cook, was slain in Aali Vihar Saturday night (5 September). His body had several stab wounds, police said, and was dumped in the forest.

The Indian Express reported that Dayal’s body was found Sunday morning (6 September) by locals, police said.

A gay man was enjoying a bike ride with his ‘date’. He was then robbed and slain. 

Law enforcement arrested Sumit, 20, and Karthik, 24, both based in Gautampuri, in connection to the killing after the victim’s stolen mobile phone was traced.

Dayal was invited to the forest by the men, whom used a fake app posing as a 20-year-old gay man to target him. The pair had exchanged flirtatious messages with Dayal after connecting with him last week.

In the forest, Sumit met Dayal and, police said, took him deeper into the woodlands on a Scooty. There, Karthik jumped out.

They threatened him with a knife after Dayal refused to give the pair his phone. He was then stabbed multiple times and Sumit and Karthik fled the scene.

Men hoped to use fake dating profile to rob and kill more gay men.

Police said that Dayal’s mobile phone was missing and had been switched, but the force tapped into his phone’s call record and traced its last location to Gautampuri, some 14 miles from the crime scene.

Logbooks showed Dayal had been in contact on WhatsApp with Arjun Kumer. After being interviewed by police, it was found that Kumer’s phone was being used by Sumit, who was later arrested.

Sumit reportedly used a dating app billed for queer men, The Times of India said. He confessed to murdering Dayal, saying he and Karthik aimed to use the app to target, fleece and murder queer men.

When police arrested Karthik, he was found with a jerry-rigged and loaded pistol as well as a blood-stained knife in his home. The Scooty, Karthik said, belonged to Sumit.