Sarah Paulson says ‘she’d love’ to make a Carol prequel with Cate Blanchett. This is not a drill

Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett in Carol.

Sarah Paulson is ready and rearing for a prequel to Carol, the 2015 lesbian film adored by the LGBT+ community, and it’s the first piece of good news all year, to be honest.

The American Horror Story star told Grazia that she is keen to explore the origins of her character Abby Gerhard, as well as he relationship with the eponymous Carol Arid (Cate Blanchett).

The original film, based on a 1952 novel, is set in 1947 and centres on Carol, a distraught woman dealing with the break up of her mixed-sex marriage after entering into a fling with Abby

“I played a character in Carol named Abby, who has a much much more central story in the novel, The Price of Salt,” Paulson said.

“I would have loved to have seen, or to go back and make, a movie about that, the relationship that Carol and Abby had prior to the movie – the beginning.

“It would be sort of interesting to do, I think.”

The interviewer joked that she would “pitch” the idea, prompting Paulson to reply: “I’ll talk to Todd Haynes and Cate Blanchett and see if they’re interested.”

Cate Blanchett once casually chatted to Sarah Paulson about pubic hair. 

Speaking of things that Blanchett and Paulson chat about, the pair once left Instagram followers stunned when they candidly chatted about pubic hair.

During a discussion about merkins, Blanchett blurted out: “I kept trying to dye my pubic hair a very, very long time ago.

She was cut off by Paulson who delightedly said: “Ladies and gentlemen, sit down, this is the best thing that’s ever happened. Go ahead, you tried to dye your pubic hair.”

Blanchett continued: “Well, look, it’s very tough to bleach. For one of the first jobs I did, I don’t know why I was cast, it was before people had the sense that people had to cast within their racial spectrum. I was cast as an albino Italian.

“I had to show the… what was down there. So I thought I’ll try and bleach it because obviously I’m albino.

“And it just didn’t work. So I had to wear a merkin. It didn’t budge! It’s really hard to budge.”