Self-described ‘common sense’ politician claims you should only be a leader if you’re ‘married to the opposite sex and have kids’

Igor Dzaic, who is standing as a "common sense" candidate in a Windsor City Council by-election, blamed "bad judgement" for his tweets

Local election candidate Igor Dzaic in Windsor, Ontario, has attempted to distance himself from resurfaced tweets in which he insisted only straight people with kids should lead political parties.

Dzaic, who is standing as a “common sense” candidate in a Windsor City Council by-election, blamed “bad judgement” after a series of tweets resurfaced in which he expressed anti-gay and anti-trans views.

‘You shouldn’t be a leader’ unless you’re married to someone of the opposite sex, candidate claims

In one of the messages, he wrote: “Are you married to the opposite sex, and have kids? No? Then no [you shouldn’t be a leader].

“It’s always about family. It’s partly why Jagmeet Singh [the leader of the New Democratic Party, who is engaged to a woman but does not have children] is a bad leader.

“Does that upset you? Then grow up. In my eyes if a person doesn’t have a family then that person shouldn’t be a leader, ever.”

He also posted messages trolling civil rights lawyer and bona fide trans hero Chase Strangio, who posted the phrase “trans women are women”.

Dzaic responded: “Disagree. Imagine thinking that to be a woman all you have to do is say you are and get a few surgeries, even though you’re a man. You must not value real women at all. Biology exists.”

In other messages, Igor Dzaic raged about “woke far-leftism” and claimed that gender X passports are part of a “war on science”.

He also bizarrely suggested that men should refuse to take paternity leave because of “masculinity” – leaving their wives alone to struggle with a newborn.

He wrote: “Gents, if your wife is pregnant or just gave birth you should work more hours while she rests and takes care of that baby. Be the man and support your family. Masculinity is the reason men don’t take paternity leave.”

Dudes, is it gay to not neglect your newborn baby?

Igor Dzaic says past views were a ‘mistake’, but he won’t drop out of the race.

Dzaic has refused to drop out of the race despite calls to do so from several of his opponents.

Taking to Facebook on Friday (11 September), Dzaic attempted to distance himself from his remarks without directly apologising or recanting his past views.

He wrote: “I acknowledge the comments were made and acknowledge that they can be considered highly offensive. I made a mistake and I accept that my comments were offensive to members of our City of Windsor community.

“Like many of you I made comments or mistakes in my past that can be considered offensive and unnecessary, unlike many of you my comments have now been made public.

“I accept that I made a mistake and over the years I have taken the time to learn more about the LGBT+ community and their important and active role in our community.

“As I have stated throughout this campaign, I am a candidate for everyone. My policies are for all residents of ward seven and all residents of Windsor, I will make sure to uphold those values of inclusivity. There is a place for everyone in the Windsor community.”

The candidate said his views were the result of 'bad judgement', but he won't be withdrawing from the race

The candidate said his views were the result of ‘bad judgement’, but he won’t be withdrawing from the race

The candidate followed up his statement with a screenshot of an old tweet in which he appeared to support ending the ban on gay men donating blood. Within just days, however, Dzaic was back to complaining about “toxic cancel culture” on his Facebook page.

One respondent wrote: “Igor, people are rightfully upset about your hurtful posts. Your apology is not at all sincere or meaningful. You don’t appear to have learned anything or that you have any intention to educate yourself on the issues that have been brought up and very clearly pointed out to you.

“Dismissing this and trying to blame others is not going to help. Try to properly apologise and tell the public (people you expect to vote for you) how exactly your position has changed on the posts that you are being held responsible for.”

Another added: “Don’t you dare try and use this topic [the blood ban] which is relevant and meaningful to so many people to blatantly attempt to backpedal your glaringly obvious prejudices. This is fooling absolutely no one but yourself.”

The by-election will take place on Monday, 5 October.