Iconic Family Guy character finally comes out as gay and marries his boyfriend

Family Guy bruce gay

Recurring Family Guy character Bruce has finally come out as gay in the show’s 19th season and married his boyfriend.

Bruce, known for his high-pitched voice and “Oh no!” catchphrase, has appeared in Family Guy for decades, but his implied sexuality as always been the butt of jokes.

But now, finally, Bruce has been given his own episode in which he officially came out and married his boyfriend.

The sixth episode of season 19 saw Meg unable to find a date for the school dance. She and Bruce start dating, despite insistence from the Griffin family that he is “obviously gay”.

Bruce’s anti-LGBT+ parents desperately want him to settle down with a woman, and caving to the pressure he gets engaged to Meg.

But, eventually realising what is going on, Meg calls off the wedding to help Bruce, and encourages him to finally say the words: “I’m gay!”

Bruce and his boyfriend Jeffrey then marry in a Walgreen’s carpark, with the wedding officiated by Peter.

While fans were thrilled that Bruce was finally given a substantial storyline and a happy ending, Family Guy‘s history of repeatedly using the LGBT+ community as a punchline has attracted criticism over the years.

Less than two years ago, Family Guy creators said they would be “phasing out” gay jokes from the hit animated show.

In an episode aired in January of this year called “Trump Guy”, Peter Griffin comes face-to-face with president Donald Trump, who tells him: “You’re Peter Griffin from Family Guy. Many children have learned their favourite Jewish, Black and gay jokes by watching your show over the years.”

Griffin responds: “In fairness, we’ve been trying to phase out the gay stuff.” Producers later confirmed to TVLine that the quip was more than just a gag.

But it only took a few months before the show came under fire again for transphobic jokes, and an episode that took aim at “network TV gays”.