Police break up 52-person sex party next door to COVID clinic just weeks after Hungarian MEP was caught at gay orgy

Jozsef Szajer: Hungarian MEP resigns after arrest at gay sex party

In Belgium, police broke up a 52-person sex party at a house only metres from a COVID-19 clinic and just two weeks after an anti-LGBT+ Hungarian lawmaker attended a similarly sized orgy in Brussels.

In what the Belgian Federal Police said was the third orgy it had raided this month alone, a 28th birthday party was stung Sunday morning (13 December) in the Ardennes town of Saint-Mard, two miles from the French border.

According to the Independent, all attendees – including escort girls – were French. They all paid around €250 each to the host to cover the costs for alcohol, drugs and the escorts.

The 20-strong police squad sprung into the home at 3am and handed out standard €250 fines to the 52 attendees, described by officers as “naked or lightly dressed”, for violating coronavirus restrictions – not quite the climax orgy-goers had in mind, no doubt.

Two attendees were also fined for possessing narcotics and laughing gas canisters.

The sex party, at a rented holiday home near a COVID-19 clinic, faced immediate backlash from frustrated Belgium officials.

Province Virton mayor François Culot delivering a scathing reprieve against the orgy-goers in an interview with Belgium newspaper La Meuse. “I’m angry,” he said. “Some people really don’t respect anything!

“Organising an illegal party in the middle of the night in front of a clinic where COVID patients are treated? This is unacceptable!”

Hungarian MEP forced to resign after being caught at gay orgy.

It comes after József Szájer, Hungarian MEP and personal ally to the country’s conservative prime minister Viktor Orbán, was arrested while attending a gay orgy in Belgium.

Scenes of Szájer, who helped author a constitutional rewrite to define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman, shimmying down a drainpipe to flee from police drew headlines in the press and scorn from anti-gay Hungarian leaders.

Szájer was forced to resign both as a member of the European Parliament and from the right-wing Fidesz party led by prime minister Viktor Orbán.

It started off with simple noise complaints from neighbours, but police burst into the apartment in the heart of the Brussel’s gay village find Szájer among 19 others breaking the four-person indoor limit as well as mixing households.

Orgy-attendees even mistook the uniformed officers for strippers, organisers later said, as they tried to quite literally cop a feel as they “unzipped [the officer’s] pants” and assumed they were “part of the fun”.