Man murdered his gay lover and dumped him on railway tracks for harassing his new girlfriend

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A man reportedly confessed to killing a former lover with the help of two friends in a brutal, shocking act of murder. Warning: graphic violence

Mohammed Siddique confessed to murdering hotelier Mohammed Afroz with two accomplices, according to The Times of India.

The trio allegedly murdered Afroz and dumped his body on a railway track in Bengaluru, the capital of the southwestern Indian state of Karnataka, where it was sliced in half by an oncoming train.

According to reports the three killed Afroz after he sought sexual favours from one of them, and made abusive remarks about one of their girlfriends.

Man kills ex-partner who ‘abused’ his girlfriend.

Investigators found that Afroz, who ran a hotel in RMC Yard, had previously been in a relationship with Siddique.

The two remained close, but Afroz was rattled after Siddique showed him photographs of his current girlfriend.

Siddique began avoiding Afroz shortly after, police said, while Afroz called him repeatedly and “abused” the girlfriend to “eliminate” him.

After combing through the victim’s call logs, local law enforcement found that Siddique, a welder, had made a call on his mobile on the day of the murder.

He later reportedly confessed to Bengaluru City Police that he murdered Afroz with the help of Mohammed Khaleel, a carpenter, and fellow welder Mubarak.

The men, all aged between 20 and 24, attempted to cover up the murder by leaving Afroz’s body on railway tracks in the Hampinagar neighbourhood on 3 January.

A passerby found the body torn in two by a train – quickly alerting police.

Sub-inspector Bharathi D led the investigation, with police explaining that after Siddique showed Afroz a photograph of his current girlfriend, he made disparaging comments about her. As a result, Siddique distanced himself from him.

“Afroz used to call Siddique repeatedly and demand that they meet,” a police officer told the newspaper. “Afroz abused Siddique’s girlfriend over the phone to eliminate him.”

Khaleel and Murdbarak remain in custody at the time of writing.