One Million Moms boycotts Cadbury Creme Eggs for ‘pushing homosexuality’ with ad that isn’t even shown in the US

While the scene lasted for just a few seconds, it nonetheless trigged an entirely-predictable wave of homophobic anger online.

One Million Moms are urging people to boycott Cadbury’s because of an advert that features a real-life gay couple sharing a Creme Egg.

The Cadbury’s Creme Egg advert upset all the right people when it was released in early January because of its inclusion of a gay couple.

The advert shows Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran dancing on a rooftop, with Moran holding a Creme Egg in his mouth.

The couple then lean in, with Sterling biting the other half of the delicious chocolatey surprise, and it breaks in half, spilling its silky liquid in the process.

Needless to say, religious lobbying group One Million Moms are not impressed with the advert. They hit out at the UK campaign and urged people to join them in boycotting the delicious treat in a post on their website.

“If you look forward to having your annual Cadbury Creme Egg each Easter season, you might not like how the company celebrates the risen Saviour,” One Million Moms wrote on its website.

The group shared a link so concerned parents can watch the offending advert themselves, but they warned that it is both “graphic and offensive”.

“Cadbury makes a huge push to sell its Creme Eggs in America during the Easter season each year. A portion of each sale goes to help finance Cadbury’s social agenda that has nothing to do with chocolate and candies,” they wrote.

Just 27,000 have supported One Million Moms’ petition to Cadbury’s.

One Million Moms went on to baselessly claim that Cadbury’s may start airing the advert in the United States if the Creme Egg sells well there.

So far, just over 27,000 concerned mothers have signed their petition telling Cadbury’s that they won’t be buying Creme Eggs – a long way off their supposed one million members.

The message sent to Cadbury’s reads: “I’m not buying into your social agenda to push homosexuality. Your latest ad offends me and many other Christians who celebrate Easter with reverence and respect.”

They continue: “Please continue making chocolates and candies, not political and social statements.”

It’s not just Christians in the United States who are furious over the advert – it also led to a wave of rage online in the UK, with countless people expressing their unwarranted anger at the sight of two men being intimate with each other.

One man tweeted: “I am not homophobic but I just think the new Cadbury egg advert to be shown on ITV is totally unnecessary. Showing two men passionately enjoying a creme egg that children love to eat will only confuse children at such a young age. Why??”

Another Twitter user complained: “Dear @CadburyUK, just to let you know that your Creme Egg advert featuring gay men is wholly inappropriate. I do not believe that you would do this with a heterosexual couple, but it seems homosexuality has to be promoted far more explicitly. Go woke, go broke. An ex-customer.”