Shameless pro-conversion therapy MP Derek Sloan finally kicked out of party after accepting white supremacist funds

Disgraced Tory MP and former leadership hopeful Derek Sloan

Canadian MP and conversion therapy supporter Derek Sloan has been ejected from his party over his conduct after it emerged he accepted funds from white supremacists.

The anti-LGBT+ politician was formally ejected from the Conservative Party, the main opposition party in the Canadian parliament, after accepting funding from a neo-Nazi white supremacist.

After a vote on 20 January, party leader Erin O’Toole said in a statement: “The Conservative caucus voted to remove Derek Sloan not because of one specific event, but because of a pattern of destructive behaviour involving multiple incidents and disrespect towards the Conservative team for over a year.

“These actions have been a consistent distraction from our efforts to grow the party and focus on the work we need to do. Events of the past week were simply the last straw and led to our caucus making the decision it did today.”

While Sloan has attracted public fury for his anti-LGBT+ views, O’Toole stressed: “I did not vote to remove Derek Sloan from our caucus because he is a social conservative. We have members of parliament of deep compassion and unmatched character, who like many Canadians, draw strength from their faith.

“The Conservative Party is a big tent that is reflective of all Canadians. People of all backgrounds have a place in our party. As politicians in Canada, we must hold ourselves to the highest standards. Canadians deserve nothing less.”

Disgraced MP Derek Sloan has a toxic anti-LGBT+ record.

Last year, Derek Sloan waged a disastrous campaign to become party leader, coming dead last after he vowed to oppose LGBT+ non-discrimination measures and suggested that transgender kids should be given counselling to cure them.

In a car crash interview during the leadership campaign, Sloan also argued that people are gay because of “other factors” than biology, and refused to directly condemn conversion therapy.

The MP, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, insisted: “Whatever the cause of sexual orientation, which I still maintain is scientifically unclear. That is the position of science right now.

“Science right now is saying that, yes, there’s biological components, but there’s many other factors that play into it and they don’t even know how they all work together.”

Tory MP and former leadership hopeful Derek Sloan

Disgraced Tory MP and former leadership hopeful Derek Sloan

In October, Sloan became one of just seven MPs to vote against the bill to ban conversion therapy, which he later bragged about as he urged supporters to make donations.

In an email to supporters he repeated a stream of false claims about transgender people and the bill, claiming that it “would contribute to the massive increase we are seeing with little boys and girls who are being chemically transitioned because of their feelings of gender dysphoria”.

Vote was sparked by donation controversy.

The efforts to remove Sloan were sparked this month when it emerged he had accepted a $131 donation in 2020 from neo-Nazi white supremacist Paul Fromm, who has links to multiple former Ku Klux Klan members.

Fromm holds a leadership role in racist group Council of Conservative Citizens (CoCC), which opposes “all efforts to mix the races of mankind”, “all sex education”, and “the presence of homosexuals and women in the military services”.

O’Toole disavowed the donation, making clear: “Derek Sloan’s acceptance of a donation from a well-known white supremacist is far worse than a gross error of judgement or failure of due diligence… Racism is a disease of the soul, repugnant to our core values.”

Sloan had claimed that he accepted the money in error.

He raged about his expulsion on Twitter, claiming: “REAL reason for ejection? O’Toole & team had emotional/psychological meltdown after DC events & their knee-jerk reaction is to purge right-wing/conservative elements.

“Hence a ‘sacrificial lamb’ to appease left & liberal media. I was most obvious candidate but I won’t be the last.”