Coronation Street to introduce groundbreaking new lesbian teen romance

Nina and Asha in Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Mollie Gallagher has revealed details of a new lesbian storyline between her character Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan, played by Tanisha Gorey.

Last year, the soap followed Asha’s difficulties after a video was leaked of her topless, filmed by her former boyfriend Corey. However she found comfort in Nina, the niece of Coronation Street veteran Roy Cropper.

Gallagher told The Sun: “Nina is so free and I don’t think Asha has ever known anyone like that.

“When Asha met Nina I think she was wowed because Nina is so different and maybe someone that Asha wishes she was a bit more like in terms of Nina’s ‘don’t care’ attitude.”

When Asha dumped Corey, Gallagher said he character was “impressed”. She said: “Asha has done what she should have done and that she is starting to realise her own worth.

“Asha does it in such a strong way and tends to not always believe in herself so this surprises Nina and makes her see Asha in a different way.”

On Monday’s episode (1 February), the two characters shared a close moment in Roy’s Rolls.

“From Nina’s point of view, that moment came out of the blue,” said Gallagher.

“Nina’s feelings for Asha have been a slow development and at first she was just always being a good friend… They are two really good characters that can learn from each other. It is a really nice match.”

Coronation Street boss Ian MacLeod previously said that the lesbian love story would be “fantastic and unique”, but that it “might not entirely end up where you expect now”.

He added: “The love story will turn into a massive social issue story that deals with tolerance of people who are part of minority communities and don’t look like everybody else.”

Coronation Street could soon air its first-ever successful same-sex wedding

This week it was reported Coronation Street is planning to air its first-ever successful same-sex wedding, after three previous gay marriage attempts ended in death and disaster.

The soap’s creators are planning to make the character Billy Mayhew, played by Daniel Brocklebank, one half of the first gay couple to actually marry in Coronation Street’s 60-year history.

Brocklebank told The Mirror: “None of the others have followed through – we’ve only attempted three. Two were lesbian weddings and neither happened – the roof collapsed on one and there was a jilting at the other.”