Xbox Series S and X: UK customers can get the sold out consoles from EE

The Xbox Series S and X

Despite being released last year the Xbox Series S and X are still in huge demand with many gamers struggling to buy the consoles.

Both editions of the console are currently out of stock at the likes of Amazon, Game, Argos and Currys PC World, but there is still a way to get your hands on one.

In the UK, mobile network provider EE is giving customers the option to add an Xbox Series S or X to their monthly contract – and there’s no catch.

So if you’re planning on joining EE, or have an existing contract, then you can add the consoles to your bill at £30 a month for the Series S or £50 a month for the Series X.

Doing it this way also helps you spread out the cost rather than paying hundreds of pounds upfront. The monthly cost of the console is spread across 11 months, so once that time’s up you will have paid it off.

The deal lets customers add the console to their monthly phone bill. (EE)

The deal lets customers add the console to their monthly phone bill. (EE)

The add-on offer is only available online so you won’t be able to get it over the phone and once you’ve added it to your monthly bill the console will be delivered in seven days.

The deal is available to any new customer with EE, so if you’re thinking of getting a new phone contract and you’re after the new Xbox then it’s perfect for you. If you’re an existing customer then you can log into your account on the EE website to check if your contract is eligible for the offer.

An Xbox console is one of many items you can add to your contract with Xbox accessories and games, Apple products, smart speakers, Amazon gadgets and TV home cinemas also available.

How to add an Xbox to your EE bill

To add the Xbox Series S and X go to

Once you’ve done that head to the gaming section and choose your preferred console. After you’ve selected your preferred console you’ll be asked to log into your account if you’re an existing customer where can find out if you’re eligible for the add-on.

If you’re a new customer you’ll be asked to ‘choose your phone’ with various contracts available including Samsung, iPhone, Google and Huawei. The cheapest contract starts at £14 per month. Once you’ve picked your phone you’ll then be able to add-on an Xbox console, enter your details and you’re all set to go.

Both new and existing customers will pay the same amount which is a £10 upfront cost and then £30 per month or £50 per month for the Xbox Series S or X.

To find out more about add-ons go to the EE website here.

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