WWE legend Gabbi Tuft goes nude to make powerful point about finding ‘your authentic self’ after coming out as trans

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Former WWE superstar Gabbi Tuft has shared a powerful nude in an emotional post about finding her “authentic self” after coming out as trans.

Tuft – who wrestled under the stage name Tyler Reks between 2008 and 2012 – opened up about being transgender earlier this month. She’s now revealed more about her journey on coming out and living her truth in a powerful, emotional Instagram post.

In the post, Tuft shares a beautifully tasteful nude with a caption about stripping “away all of the layers” to find a person’s authentic self. She wrote: “What does your authentic self look like?

“When you strip away all of the layers, all of the walls that have been built to protect your innermost being when you remove the barriers that hide who you desperately desire to be – there you will find your true self.

“Freeing this quelled spirit though requires change, and like most change, it can be painful at first. The process opens up our shell and exposes us to the elements.”


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Gabbi Tuft continued by saying people trying to live their authentic lives may experience fear, ridicule and “extreme emotions”. She explained that “navigating our way through these oceans” is “what makes us stronger”.

“These seemingly harsh waters force our courage to rise, they solidify our strength and our confidence and allow us to stand firm in who we are meant to be,” Tuft said.

She ended the post with the sign off: “With love and vulnerability”.

Gabbi Tuft ‘feels liberated’ after coming out as trans

In an interview with Renee Paquette on her podcast Oral Sessions, Gabbi Tuft described how her life has transformed since she opened up about being a trans woman.

She said: “When the news hit, I felt liberated. I don’t have to hide anymore.

“I can walk outside [and] my neighbours are just waving [and saying] ‘Hi Gabbi’.”

Tuft added that opening up about her gender identity felt like “my prison sentence was over”. She explained the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns allowed her to feel more comfortable in expressing her gender through clothing and makeup.

“I don’t think I really had the desire until it was last year when we had the lockdowns,” she said.

“I was starting to get dressed up every night, and then it was the pain of taking off the hair and taking off the makeup that made me realise I really feel like presenting male was the show.”