Roxane Gay thinks ‘cruel’ Catholic Church’s ban on same-sex blessings is ‘bulls**t’

Roxane Gay Catholic Church

Roxane Gay has described the Catholic Church as “corrupt and cruel” after the Vatican banned priests from blessing same-sex unions.

The queer author of Bad Feminist criticised the Catholic Church after it said God “cannot bless sin” in an explanatory note released on Monday (15 March).

“My marriage doesn’t need or want the Vatican’s blessing but I know today’s decree is one more painful aggression against LGBT Catholics who do care,” Gay tweeted.

“We are supposed to be impressed by a Pope who vaguely acknowledges our humanity but he is the head of the church. They are one,” she added.

Roxane Gay said the Catholic Church’s ban on blessings is ‘bulls**t’

Roxane Gay continued: “He doesn’t believe in our right to live and love freely. He is only progressive in relation to previous Popes who were archaic. Today’s decree is bulls**t. Also the sex abuse scandal. It’s a corrupt and cruel institution.

“Nurture your faith with a church that actually embraces you.”

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith issued its guidance around blessings for same-sex unions on Monday, leaving LGBT+ Catholics around the world disappointed in the church’s approach.

In a wide-ranging note, the Vatican insisted that same-sex unions are “not ordered to the creator’s plan”.

Officials went on to suggest that God loves all of his children and he cares for them regardless of the sins they commit – however, the note insisted that he “does not and cannot bless sin”.

There was an outpouring of frustration from LGBT+ people of faith following the Vatican’s announcement. There was some hope in recent years that the Catholic Church was starting to slowly shift its position on gay rights – however, its latest statement has put those hopes to bed.

New Ways Ministry, which fights for LGBT+ justice and inclusion within the Church, slammed the measure as “disappointing” and insisted that same-sex relationships are “divinely inspired”, while Elton John described the Church as “hypocrites”.