Will Young hits out at Spencer Matthews for ‘reaffirming offensive gay stereotypes’ on BBC show

Headshots of Will Young and Spencer Matthews

Will Young has slammed Made in Chelsea star Spencer Matthews for “reaffirming gay stereotypes” on a BBC One show.

Appearing on the fourth episode of This Is My House, which aired Sunday night (18 April), Matthews was tasked with guessing who the owner of a well-heeled property was.

As fellow panellists remarked about which of the four potential homeowners uses the most hairspray, he asked: “Who’s the least gay?”

The offhand remark prompted rage from Young, who appeared to be streaming the show on his laptop.

In a furious Instagram story in all capital letters uploaded early Monday morning (19 April), the 42-year-old scolded Spencer, 32, for resorting to harmful stereotypes for a potshot.

Will Young tears into Spencer Matthew for ‘least gay’ comment

“Asking, ‘who is the least gay’, on BBC iPlayer’s [This Is My House], I find completely offensive,” Will Young fumed.

“What does ‘least gay’ mean? Most ‘masculine’, least ‘effeminate, for f**k sake, BBC, don’t you realise it is completely affirming offensive and shameful stereotypes.

“I’m gay, take it up the bum and like football and cars. Might blow your mind, [Spencer Matthews].”

On Monday afternoon, Young posted a follow-up to his Instagram revealing that he has reached out to the broadcaster for comment but has had “no reply”.

Will Young hit out at Spencer Matthews and the BBC. (Instagram)

Young urged the BBC to respond, “or perhaps some sort of understanding and sense of being educated from a privileged show person (which I am as well).”

After all, homophobic jokes sting – and Young knows that all too well. The callous jokes slung at Young by radio presenter Chris Moyles had a lasting impact on him, he said.

Moyles, the former presenter of the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, was found to have breached broadcasting rules in 2009 during a segment mocking the gay Pop Idol winner for his camp affectation.

“BBC Radio 1 breakfast show DJ Chris Moyles decided to embark on a rampage of homophobia against me – on my birthday no less,” recalled Young in his book, To be a Gay Man.

“It was something that left me aghast, especially as he and I were on friendly terms.

“I have never heard the show or read the transcript until now, but I managed to find the audio and transcript of the show, and also the replies from the BBC, who weren’t exactly falling over themselves to apologise.

“I did feel that, back then, Radio 1 was a bit of a hotbed for anti-gay sentiment.”