Laverne Cox isn’t ready to talk about the heinous ways she’s been treated in her career

Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox has said there are things she has “endured” in her career that she isn’t ready to talk about just yet.

The Orange Is the New Black star opened up about the challenges facing trans people in the film and television industries in a live video on Instagram on Sunday (2 May).

In the 26-minute long video, Laverne Cox was suddenly overcome with emotion when she started speaking about the impact of Pose, the groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed FX series.

Cox said she was “sending a lot of love” to everybody working on Pose before she started to cry.

“This stuff is really hard. It’s just really hard being in this business and being visible and all the pressures that come from being a visible trans person and all of the expectations,” Cox said.

The actress said her “sisters in the struggle” know how hard it is, adding: “I feel it and I love you and I support you, and we’re gonna keep on keeping on.”

She continued: “I’m gonna tune into Pose and I’m gonna support. Nothing is perfect… We know that, and there are things that I have endured in my career that I don’t talk about, and I won’t talk about – at least not yet.”

Laverne Cox wants people to know that ‘most things’ are problematic

The Promising Young Woman star went on to question how she can “keep the door open” for the next generation.

“Let’s acknowledge that things can be problematic, that most things are. Most things are imperfect, but there can be good things there too.”

Closing out the video, Cox said: “I didn’t know this would go there right now but it is what it is,” before promising to “elevate” trans siblings.

Elsewhere in the video, Laverne Cox told fans that she had received her second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine earlier that day.

“I was very much on the fence about getting vaccinated if I’m being honest,” Cox admitted, telling her followers that she had an adverse reaction to a tetanus and a meningitis vaccine several years ago.