For once, Meghan McCain has something not entirely wrong to say about the ‘MAGA sausage fest’

Meghan McCain (YouTube/The View)

The View co-host Meghan McCain slammed Republicans and the “MAGA sausage fest” working to oust Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the House of Representatives.

McCain surprised viewers by calling out the toxicity of the “sausage fest of MAGA” for its obsession with “Cheeto Jesus” – aka Donald Trump.

She slated House minority leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans for failing to defend fellow party member Liz Chaney.

Chaney, who is a Republican representative for Wyoming, was one of 10 Republicans in the House who voted to impeach Trump and blamed him for the 6 January insurrection on the US Capitol.

Earlier this week, McCarthy was reportedly caught on a hot mic saying he “had it” with Cheney, and the second-ranking House GOP leader Steve Scalise said he would back the movement to oust her.

In an impassioned speech on The View, Meghan McCain said she “very defensive of Liz Cheney”, and she claimed McCarthy “wasn’t caught on a hot mic” but had made the comments “intentionally”.

“What’s happening is, it’s very clear, and I’m gonna be a little crass, they’re shivving her for her going on television multiple times and saying that the election wasn’t stolen and for refusing to debase herself to Cheeto Jesus,” she said.

McCain continued: “The message that’s being sent by the highest member of Republicans in congress is that women like me and Liz Cheney, who refuse to bend the knee to president Trump but still remain loyal Republicans, we don’t have a place in this party.

“We’re worthless. We’re not worth fighting for to keep. It’s Kafkaesque to spin in this any other way.”

She also called the Republicans’ strategy for the 2022 midterm elections the “most asinine politics” that she had seen in a “really, really long time in a cacophony of asinine politics”. McCain said the Cheney situation is an example of the GOP “doubling down that Trump is the future”.

“Go ahead in this sausage fest of MAGA up on Capitol Hill,” McCain said. “Pull her out and put another woman in who will do anything you want for president Trump. ‘The election wasn’t stolen’, ‘He is Jesus’, ‘It’s only Trumpism going forward’. See where this lands us in the midterms. I’m absolutely furious.”

Meghan McCain’s segment caused #CheetoJesus to trend on Twitter, and many who “can’t stand” her even cheered her on.

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Republican senator John McCain ,joined as a co-host of the hit daytime talk show The View in 2017.

In the past couple of years, she has exhausted fans with a variety of bizarre statements.

In March, she complained that America is too deeply invested in “identity politics”.

She also hijacked a conversation on The View about the infamous Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interview to talk about the American Revolution and the monarchy.