Meghan McCain slammed for ‘disrespecting’ Whoopi Goldberg in tense exchange

Meghan McCain Whoopi Goldberg The View

Meghan McCain has been slammed for ‘disrespecting’ Whoopi Goldberg in a heated exchange over President Joe Biden on The View.

On Thursday’s The View (17 June), the panel discussed a tense chat between Biden and CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins during a news conference the day prior.

McCain declared that Biden‘s treatment of Collins was “100 per cent Trumpy”.

She added: “Just because Trump was so bad, it doesn’t absolve Biden’s bad behaviour.”

McCain claimed that “we would be screaming at the top of our lungs” if Trump had done the same thing and that Biden had “gotten a pass” from the media.

Whoopi Goldberg was having none of it. She replied: “Just to comment on that, the thing that I never saw Trump do was apologise to anybody, and I will take it.”

McCain cut her off, saying: “With all due respect, I don’t care.”

Goldberg politely requested to “finish what I’m saying” only for McCain to interrupt her again.

She said that she doesn’t care if Biden apologised because he “just embarrassed himself”.

The head-to-head battle culminated with Goldberg saying: “I don’t care that you care. Just hear what I’m saying.”

“Well, I don’t care that you don’t care,” McCain hit back. “So now we’re even.”

It wasn’t long before viewers began sounding off about McCain’s treatment of Goldberg on social media.

One viewer wrote: “Can you imagine talking to Whoopi Goldberg like this?!”

One Twitter user was unsure why people keep tuning into The View to watch a “nobody like Meghan McCain disrespect Whoopi Goldberg”.

Another criticised “Meghan McCain getting a paid platform to be disrespectful to Black women like Whoopi Goldberg who have done the hard work and paid their dues”.

If you needed a reminder, Goldberg is one of just 16 people (and was the first Black person) to win the coveted EGOT – the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards – all without a wealthy, powerful father.

Meghan McCain was dubbed “all the Karens”.

Another pundit added: “Every day Meghan McCain, daughter of a senator and heiress of the Anheuser-Busch fortune, goes on TV and tells Whoopi and Sunny, who both grew up in the projects, how elitist they are.”

After the break, Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain apologised to each other. Goldberg said that she wanted to apologise “because I was rude”.

“I didn’t need to say what I said, and I apologise cause that’s not the way I want to behave at work,” Goldberg said.

McCain responded: “Well, I apologise too, Whoopi.”