Thrilling Love, Victor season two trailer teases first loves, family drama and sex

Love Victor

The Love, Victor season two trailer has finally dropped ahead of its release on Hulu next month.

Season one of the Love, Simon spin-off ended on a monumental cliffhanger, as Victor came out to his family.

Fans have waited with bated breath for a full year, and now they’ve been given their first look at what happens next.

The season two trailer shows Victor navigating life as a newly out boy at high school, “dating the most gorgeous guy at Creekwood”.

The rollercoaster clip hints at a new season as emotional as the first, with Victor facing issues as his mother coming to terms with his sexuality, having sex for the first time and trying to find “the perfect level of gay that will keep everyone happy”.

But don’t worry – it looks funny too. Lake Merriweather (Bebe Wood), tells best friend Mia (Rachel Hilson) in the trailer: “Say the word and I will ditch these gays like a corporation after pride month.”

The new season will be released on Hulu on 11 June.

“Victor gets a much deserved, really epic summer and start to the school year with his new boyfriend, Benji [George Sear],” co-creator Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly.

Explaining what fans can expect from the new season, he added: “A bunch of our characters are entering into new relationships at the beginning of this season, so we get to explore all of those firsts, which are always really compelling stories: the first time having sex, the first time saying, ‘I love you,’ meeting each other’s parents, all that really good stuff.

“So much of this show comes out of the experience of the writer’s room, and everyone gets to tap into their own high school years and relive the victories and the traumas.”

The series will also explore the common LGBT+ trauma of the high school locker room. Aptaker called it “a really loaded, often scary palce” and was keen to dive into the issues around being LGBT+ in sports, “where there is still such a lack of LGBTQ+ representation.”